Acura Repair Service in Sachse Texas

Linear Automotive is an independent certified mechanic helping people who need Acura service in Sachse, Texas. Our expert Acura mechanic shop helps Sachse residents with tune ups, oil & filter changes, scheduled maintenance, and collision repair services in our certified Acura body shop. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people from Sachse choose to do business with Linear Automotive. Expect to be treated with respect by our friendly and professional service personal upon stepping out of your vehicle. We then will conduct with you a thorough visual inspection to insure your Acura is performing as designed. Followed by an expert consultation to review your concerns, along with our knowledgeable trained technicians you and your Acura will receive our undivided attention.

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Certified Acura Repair Service

Acura Repair Service Specialists

Linear Automotive is the #1 Acura repair shop serving Sachse, Texas. We are only minutes away and we staff a full Acura service and car repair department that proudly serves drivers from the area. Whether you’re in need of routine auto service for your new or used Acura or a major engine repair, simply fill out our contact form online or give us a call. It’s never been easier to set up an appointment with us. There are no long hold times, and you’re free to come on in at your leisure.

Acura Service in Sachse Texas

Linear Automotive provides maintenance, services and repairs for luxury cars including all Acura service in Sachse, Texas.

Mass Air Flow Sensor and Acura Mechanic Services in Sachse

Linear Automotive provides top Acura mechanic services in Sachse. Our certified ASE technicians are up for the challenged each time with a new repair. They are thinkers and testers checking and evaluating problem options. Their skills are excellent by their quick and correct diagnosis first time. One of the top ten repairs is the mass air flow sensor. This accounts for 3.35% of all repairs completed in 2013. With the mass air flow sensor failure the symptom is a 10% to 25% reduction in the fuel economy. It is a sensor that manages the engine air flow and how much fuel to inject. If the fuel is to rich it endangers the catalytic converter to possible failure. If you think that this may be a problem or your fuel economy is compromised, be sure to stop in to Linear Automotive for an evaluation. We will let you know the problem and can repair it promptly. The catalytic converter is in jeopardy and you will want to prevent this repair if possible, because the catalytic converter is full of precious metals causing it to be one of the most expensive repairs. We want your Acura to be functioning properly for a very long time and don’t want its functioning to be compromised for your safety.

Acura Body Shop in Sachse TX

The I-Car certified technicians are the backbone of the Acura body shop in Sachse Tx. Their expertise training and skill sets equip them for handling damaged Acura body work of all types. Linear Automotive provides state of the art equipment and tools for our technicians to complete top quality Acura repairs. We help file your accident claim with your insurance, and we also work with all insurance companies. We set up rental cars for all our customers. The I-Car technicians have a specialty for attention to the smallest in micrometer detail, fitting pieces back together like a puzzle to better than factory tolerances. The sleek lines of your Acura will be re-instated by the I-Car specialists smoothing out the panels from the previous smashed state. The factory paint look will also be administered in the Accudraft paint room with a high gloss final coat highlighting that new Acura look again. Customers are always amazed of the quality and look of the final product. All of our body work comes with a written Lifetime Warranty.

Maintenance Minder & Braking System and Acura Service in Sachse Texas

The Maintenance Minder main code “B” includes an inspection of the braking system. It’s one of the most common shop maintenance inspections and repairs for your Acura service in Sachse Texas. Squeaking or vibrating when depressing the brake pedal can all be part of the brake system. Replacing the pads is a relatively easy job, but if the disc, drum or rotor are involved it becomes more complex and a bit more time consuming. Depending on your braking and type of driving, brake pad replacement occurs about every 35K-40K miles. Changing the brake fluid every three years will insure that you have maximum safety and service life from the braking system. If you are experiencing braking problems, it is better to come in right away rather than waiting for your Maintenance Minder B inspection. Linear Automotive can provide correct diagnosis of your braking system problems and provide proper repair for your safety. Linear Automotive is the best all around full service center, providing all mechanical repairs and body shop repairs all at one location. That’s great customer convenience.

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