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Anyone seeking an auto mechanic in Plano, TX for tire rotation service will be pleased with Linear Automotive. Our Plano auto repair shop has certified experts to meet your needs. Linear Automotive can provide tire rotations and examination of the tires and braking system by our certified ASE® technicians. Our knowledgeable experts are experienced in all automobile repairs, services and maintenance at reasonable prices. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive.

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Tire rotation should be completed about every 6K miles to 8K miles or every 6 to 8 months, so your tires can last longer and wear will be more even. You can synchronize tire rotation with your oil and filter maintenance interval. Tire rotation patterns help provide a longer tire life. One pattern is the three cross rotation pattern, which is used on the majority of vehicles where all four tires are the same size. Front wheel vehicles use a forward cross pattern and the rear cross pattern, which is also used on 4WD vehicles.

The forward cross rotation pattern is where the rear tires move forward and then cross to the opposite sides of the vehicle, while the front tires move straight back. There are a number of rotational patterns. The spare tire can also be rotated in to the pattern while another tire can be rotated into the spare tire position. The alternate X pattern is used with rear-wheel or four wheel drive or even front-wheel drive. This pattern front wheels cross to the opposite side of the vehicle and move to the rear, then the rear tires cross over the opposite side and move to the front. Any spare tire rotated into the cycle is to be placed on the rear passenger side.

To keep your tires consistent, the air pressure should be checked every month. When testing, it should be completed while the tire is cold or before driving for 3 hours. The psi required for the tires is listed on the inside of the driver’s side of the door on a label. Never use or compare with what is stamped on the side of the tire. Continuous low pressure can damage the tires. If you feel your tires are low and you are in the area, stop in to Linear Automotive so we can give them a quick check and fill them to the appropriate air pressure.

Most tires are filled with compressed air, but some are now filled with Nitrogen. Air normally contains about 79% nitrogen, so the remaining air is then extracted for the Nitrogen filled tires. The benefits of Nitrogen is no loss of air and the tires maintain a more constant pressure. If necessary, the two gases can be mixed when filling your tires. With any of your maintenance intervals, we can rotate your tires to keep the wear pattern even. Linear Automotive is here to help maintain the proper care, maintenance and to keep your vehicle in peak operating condition. Come by our auto repair shop in Plano when you need tire rotation by a  certified mechanic.

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