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Check out Linear Automotive for professional Auto Repair in Plano Texas. Our certified technicians offer Plano Spark Plug Repair Service for most makes & models. Linear Automotive offers factory maintenance services and repairs to keep your vehicle in top condition. We have certified ASE® technicians that are qualified to service all vehicles, especially Import and European vehicles. We are considered a dealer alternative and provide all services the same as a dealer, but at more reasonable prices. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive.


One of the maintenance services is the spark plug replacement, depending on your vehicle make, model and year it has a recommended factory spark plug replacement schedule. Some recommend they be replaced at about 30K-40K miles and not longer than every 6 years. If you stop in for your maintenance interval, we will let you know your spark plug replacement schedule and check out your spark plugs. Old spark plugs collect carbon, oil and fuel at the spark tip and are considered fouled and no longer function as they should. Today we seldom clean and reuse them, since once they are considered burned down, they no longer work as well as new ones. You’ll get better fuel economy if you replace them.

There are a number of warning signs to look for that may indicate that the spark plugs are a problem. The first and most common is an engine rough idle, which will affect the whole auto with rough and irregular vibrations. Bad spark plugs will also affect the engine causing misfires. These sounds may sound like knocking, pinging or even rattling. The engine can also surge or hesitate or even have jerking sensations which can be dangerous. Bad spark plugs can also interfere with the starting of your vehicle. Most will assume the lack of a good start is due to some other problem such as the battery. Old plugs cause the engine to waste fuel and so is not as efficient due to an incomplete combustion. These old plugs can waist as much as 30% of the fuel according to the ASE® or the Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. If your vehicle isn’t responding to acceleration as it should when you press the pedal down, it’s best to have the spark plugs checked.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, Linear Automotive can check your auto for bad spark plugs. Good spark plugs give a quick start and smooth sounding engine that has better fuel economy. Most newer autos also recommend replacement of spark plug wires and spark plugs at the same time at approximately 100K miles. There are a variety of spark plugs to choose from. However, the ignition type of the vehicle will determine the type of spark plug to use. Linear Automotive will make their recommendations based on your vehicle make, model and year and use factory OEM parts in their services and repairs. The older vehicles will use a copper spark plug, while the newer autos may use a single platinum, double platinum, or Iridium spark plugs. Some have a “U”, “V” or “Split” groove to reduce the flame’s contact with the side electrode or quench the flame. Always check your owner’s manual to be sure the correct spark plugs are used as to ensure that the warranties are not voided. Linear Automotive provides all repairs and factory interval services and inspections with ASE certified technicians. Our highly certified staff will focus on your auto, your interval services and any diagnostic services that you may ask us about. We want your auto to be safe and in peak condition when you leave our shop.

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