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When you need Auto Repair in Plano Texas call Linear Automotive. Our mechanics provide Plano Fuel Pump Repair Service at competitive prices. Linear Automotive can determine whether you need to replace your fuel pump. Our certified ASE® technicians are highly qualified and repair or fix only what is required or needed with your approval. They are highly knowledgeable and experienced and can maintain your vehicle to peak performance. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive. If you know the year, make, and model then go ahead and click the “Get An Estimate” button to find out how much our services run for your vehicle. We look forward to helping you.


Linear Automotive will do an analysis of your fuel system to check out the problem. When the vehicle is not running right with symptoms of poor idling, high idle, low idle and hard to start, hard to accelerate and shuddering. Some fuel system testing needs to be done to sort out the failing culprit. A faulty fuel pump can cause hard starting problems or no response at all. When the pressure is below what is needed by the fuel injectors, the fuel filter can make a lot of noise. If you run out of gas it is important to immediately shut off the engine, because the fuel pump will run dry and can cause premature failure. The fuel pump life can be extended by replacing the fuel filter at regular intervals as recommended by the manufacturer.

Another closely associated part that impacts the fuel pump is the fuel pump relay. The function of the fuel pump relay is only to turn the fuel pump on or to turn it off. When you try to start the engine the relay only gives you about 2 seconds to get the whole engine cycle initiated before it shuts down. If it doesn’t pass this initial cycle then the engine won’t start. If your car has erratic engine performance and is shutting down while driving, this could possibly be loose wiring or again the relay that may be causing the problem rather than the fuel pump. When there is silence and sudden deceleration while cruising, this can also be the fuel pump relay and should be checked.

The fuel pumps used today are electric fuel pumps and are located inside the fuel tank. The fuel pump swims in the fuel tank where the fuel runs around and through it keeping it cool and the fuel lubricates the entire assembly. It can be accessed under the back seat or the trunk usually on the right side. On older vehicles the fuel tank may need to be dropped from the underside in order to access the fuel pump. Some autos use two fuel pumps, the one in the fuel tank and the other is located on the driver’s side lower frame rail. The tank pump sends the fuel under low pressure to the secondary pump on the frame rail. Then the fuel pump on the rail increases the fuel pressure to what is required by the fuel injectors. The electric pumps provide about 20 to 70 lbs of pressure, with a median operating pressure of about 45 lbs.

Fuel injectors use an electromagnet inside the injector. The orifice that supplies the fuel is the size of a hypodermic needle with 3 to 5 tiny holes at the tip of the injector. They can’t open further, but just longer. For the fuel injectors to work properly the fuel pump(s) must supply the necessary fuel pressure all the time. The volume and pressure must remain constant for everything to function properly. Linear Automotive will check their computer diagnostic scanner for suggested problem codes and provide additional testing necessary to determine the problem, so your quality repair can be done quickly and efficiently.

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