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Come by Linear Automotive when you’re looking for a quality auto repair shop in Plano Texas. Our mechanics offer Plano fuel injector repair service for your car. Benefits of ASE certified technicians at Linear Automotive are that we provide top maintenance services and repairs. We also have the knowledge and skills to diagnose any failure that your auto may have. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive.

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The last time an auto with a carburetor was sold was in 1990. In Europe electronic fuel injection has been used since the 1980’s. Today, only electronic fuel injection or multi-port fuel injection is manufactured for vehicles in the US. Each cylinder has a fuel injector attached to a fuel rail, which sprays fuel directly at the intake valve making a fine mist so that combustion can occur more easily. This newer design provides a more accurate fuel metering with a much quicker response time not available in a standard carburetor system. When the gas pedal is stepped on it allows more air and with more air the ECU (Engine Control Unit) or engine computer rushes more fuel to match the added air intake and the vehicle will take off. The volume of air entering the engine is monitored by a Mass Airflow Sensor plus the amount of oxygen in the exhaust is monitored by oxygen sensor(s). The ECU gathers this information and provides the proper fuel delivery to meet the air-to-fuel ratio. Other sensors that directly or indirectly relate to or impact the engine speed, temperature, pressure and others is the throttle position sensor, coolant temperature sensor, voltage sensor, manifold absolute pressure sensor and the engine speed sensor.

Symptoms of clogged, faulty or dirty fuel sensors are the engine will hesitate, stutter, and stumble, and ping without the correct air to fuel mixture. Incomplete combustion will cause the engine to misfire. When this becomes severe the car can actually jerk. There can be a performance loss with no get up and go power. The engine can be rough while idling and the rpm can drop so low that the engine can stall. It can show up with a failing emission test due to an incomplete fuel burning. It can also show up with increased fuel consumption. In Turbocharged engines that can reach extra high RPM’s require more accurate fuel dispersion rate than regular engines. Anytime these fuel injectors get dirty, clogged the risk for engine damage can be very high.

The gas mixture contains waxy and heavy compounds of different hydrocarbons and oifins. When the engine is turned off the fuel injectors undergo a lot of heat soak. They begin to heat beyond the operating temperature. When the engine is at rest the gas mixture begins to dry leaving residue on the fuel injectors and over time it will build up and cause fuel injector engine symptoms. It will generally affect some fuel injectors more than others. Linear Automotive will check the diagnostic scanner for errors to see if it may be a fuel injector problem. We will test and inspect various systems that are involved and determine the best course of repair or cleaning.

To clean the fuel injectors we will connect the fuel rail to our fuel injector cleaning machine to remove the debris that collects on the tips of the fuel injectors. It will also clean the fuel injector small screens and the throttle body at the same time. During the cleaning it will also reach the inside of the combustion chambers and the valves. It will remove the different hydrocarbons and oifins with specialized commercial detergent made for this purpose. It will take about 15 minutes on the machine to do the cleaning, but our certified technicians will determine the best timing for your fuel injectors depending on their severity. Linear Automotive provides expert repairs by certified mechanics for the best results on your auto. Give us a call for a free estimate when you need Auto Repair in Plano, TX.

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