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Looking for Plano Auto Repair? Linear Automotive provides certified mechanics for Engine Hose Repair Services in Plano, Texas. Come by for an estimate. Linear Automotive offers top certified ASE® technicians that provide superb maintenance services and repairs for your quality vehicle. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive.

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Automotive hoses are designed to carry either auto fluids or gasses from one component to another. They can carry fuel or gas, coolant, oxygen, anti-freeze, water or a mix of anti-freeze and water. Each type of fluid or gas requires a specialized type of hose. The hoses you see when you first open the hood are usually the radiator or coolant hoses. These hoses are extra thick and move coolant from the engine, which carries the heat back into the radiator to cool it quickly again. These hoses can get exceptionally hot and that is why they are designed with a very tough and thick rubber. There are also a number of other hoses in the same vicinity of the engine. There are heater core hoses, which carry exceptionally hot coolant away from the engine to the heater core, which heats the interior during the winter.

These hoses are also very thick tough material with special layers of rubber. Coolant hoses have the most frequent replacement recommendation because of the internal electrochemical degradation. Today, these hoses have tough structural braids or cords on the inside of the hose reinforcing it. Some do-it-yourself projects involving the coolant hoses give home mechanics more than they planned for. It’s not an uncommon situation where the auto owner will try to replace the coolant hoses, but find that they are attached so tightly that they use excessive force to remove them and in the process destroy the component that it is attached to. Linear Automotive is very reasonably priced and can provide your hose replacements.

In older vehicles with carburetors, fuel hoses carry destructive liquids and are required to be made of a specialized rubber that can withstand constant contact with the fuel. Fuel is brought from the tank to the engine, so today most of these hoses have been replaced with metal tubing for all or part of its journey. Older autos that use diesel fuel hoses have a lubrication that can degrade rubber over time and need replacement including fuel pump seals. Today these hoses and parts are designed for low sulphur diesel and they can also be compatible with biodiesel fuels.

Another type of hose is the air hose that runs from the air filter to the intake manifold. Air is then mixed in the combustion changers in specific quantities, so that the fuel has an exact amount of oxygen added for efficient gas burning. Each type of hose requires specific types of clamps to ensure that the contents do not leak or let in air to function properly. Refrigerant is also a destructive substance that rubber will not contain, so it is moved through metal tubing. The exhaust gasses are also too hot and caustic, so that is why exhaust pipes are made of metal.

When the hoses get old they can become too hard or too soft, bulge, can crack or even split near the clamps. Linear Automotive will replace these as needed when you come in for factory maintenance intervals. Linear Automotive provides quality factory scheduled maintenance services for your vehicle. Some of the services include the replacement of hoses at specific intervals before leakage and damage occur. When you need auto repair in Plano and all surrounding areas for hose repair and replacement by a certified mechanic call the experts at Linear Automotive for a free estimate.

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