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When you need automotive repair call Linear Automotive. Our expert technicians provide car starter repair service in Plano, Texas for many makes and models. If you try to start your auto and you only hear a click or an electric sparking sound, you may need a new starter repair or replacement or even a battery. Some starting problems sound closely the same as battery problems. Linear Automotive offers reasonable repair rates for your auto. Just stop on in and we can check out your car starting problems.

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Some starting symptoms sound like other issues. Linear Automotive will provide diagnostics that will drill down the cause of the starting problems. Most starters give out at about 100K to 125K miles and need replacement including the solenoid. An old solution is to tap the starter with the plastic handle of a screwdriver and if it start. Eventually, you will need to replace the starter and solenoid.

The solenoid should click once, if it doesn’t the solenoid is still in good shape and is engaging the gear drive while the solenoid closes. If there is a sequence of clicks, the solenoid is engaging and disengaging rapidly. This can be a problem with the solenoid or the lack of power from the battery. If the solenoid makes a grinding noise it is not disengaging from the flywheel gear teeth or not engaging the flywheel completely. If there are no sounds from the engine key when it is turned and no sounds from the motor after an attempt to start, but the lights and wipers work, it may be a faulty ignition switch, wiring, starter relay or even the starter motor or solenoid problem. If you try to start and the dash light doesn’t even light up, then it is your battery that is the problem.

Linear Automotive will first test the battery. We can also check the starter motor whether is receiving 12 Volts on its circuit. The starter motor can be tested without removing it from the engine compartment. We will then check the starter motor whether the start signal is sent from the ignition switch. A voltage drop test will test the ground circuits and starter. Once diagnosed, our pro ASE certified technicians can repair it promptly and have you going on your way shortly. We enjoy servicing your vehicle and hope you stop in to check out our services.

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