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We offer the best auto air conditioning repair and service for your car in Plano, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, The Colony, and all surrounding areas. Linear provides affordable certified auto air conditioning repair for most car makes and models, both foreign & domestic. We provide complete automotive maintenance, repair and replacement for ac systems. Sometimes a system might blow cool, or even room temperature when it is not working properly. This could be caused by several things, with one of the most popular reasons being that there is a leak. When a leak is present this means there will not be enough coolant for the cooling process to work. Simply injecting more freon will work for a very short time, but the leak will need to be repaired. Other wise you will spend a fortune on repeated auto repair charges.

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The ASE certified air conditioning auto repair mechanics at Linear Automotive can troubleshoot the system and find the cause of the leak. Leaks can happen virtually anywhere. It could be the lines, compressor, condenser, valves, or evaporator. Sometimes parts fail and need to be replaced. Other parts of the system also include the blower motor, duct system, pressure regulators, orfice tubes, thermal expansion valves, receiver dryer, and accumulator. To find out more about how to repair your system give one of our friendly staff a call or schedule an appointment online for a free consultation with one of our certified automotive experts.

Linear Automotive provides complete automotive air conditioning service and repairs in Plano, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, and all surrounding areas for most makes and models. Our state of the art auto repair facility in Plano offers hi-tech equipment and tools to repair everything under the hood including the air conditioning system. When hot and humid weather begins in the summer, you will need that icy cold blast from the A/C to provide some cool comfort for your family and friends. Our ASE certified auto repair mechanics in Plano can inspect the complete air conditioning system checking for any reason why it has failed. Before the technician fills it up with refrigerant, he can begin a thorough and systematic examination and check list to determine any problem(s). Probably the first and easiest test is to check the A/C temperature inside the car while listening for the clutch to cycle on and off indicating low refrigerant with a good clutch. An inspection of the sight glass showing the refrigerant, may show possible oil streaks on the glass, bubbles or foam which will also let the technician know the health and level of the refrigerant. There are a number of causes that can contribute to the failure of the A/C. We can also test and inspect the compressor and any other reachable components for damage. Part of the inspection by our ASE certified technician is to look for any leaks. The system can be vacuum tested to see if it will hold the vacuum, if it doesn’t, then there is a leak somewhere. The condenser, hoses, spring-lock couplings, orifice tubes, hose connections, accumulator fittings, service fittings, compressor shaft seal, suction hose fittings, and evaporator can also be inspected. One way for a quick check is to look for leaks with a special dye in the system or check with the electronic leak detector that will assist in locating difficult leaks. The basic parts of the air conditioner system are the compressor, the expansion valve, two heat exchangers, and then there is the evaporator and the condenser. Refrigerant flows through the entire system. At the compressor the refrigerant changes from a liquid to a high pressure, high temperature vapor. The refrigerant goes through the condenser where cooling takes place and the heat is removed as it becomes a high pressure liquid from a vapor. It then travels through the receiver or dryer filtration reservoir that removes any moisture. The coolant enters the expansion valve or orifice tube. High pressure liquid then becomes a low pressure vapor at the expansion valve. This icy vapor goes through the evaporator where it changes to a low pressure liquid again and then back to the compressor to repeat the cycle again. One of the biggest problems is water getting into the air conditioning system and then freezing, which causes corrosion. Sometimes an evacuation is needed to clean out the system of any water or contaminants. After all the repairs are made, then the Air Conditioning system will put the correct amount of refrigerant put back into the system. The A/C will be tested for proper cooling and that everything is now working as it should be. There are many things that can possibly go wrong with an A/C system, however; Linear Automotive will check all A/C related items from bumper to bumper to catch what caused you’re air conditioning system to go down. Our certified ASE® technicians will take care of getting you’re A/C back into shape and ready to tackle the hot weather with that big cold blast of air. While Linear Automotive is checking the air conditioning, it is a good time to check that cabin filter and get it changed if it is time to replace, so that you’re A/C can provide a cleaner and fresh smelling air with more air output. Why go to the dealership for air conditioning service when we can save you money with the same quality certified service and terrific customer service? Our state of the art automotive repair shop has all the latest tools and equipment. If you are looking for the most affordable cooling system service and repair in North Texas you found it. Our shop has been providing 5 star customer service in Plano for years. Come by and find out why more people choose our mechanic shop.

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