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Get outstanding service at Linear Automotive when you want Auto Repair in Plano Texas. Our mechanics perform coolant fluid flush services for many vehicles. Top certified ASE® professional maintenance services and repairs can be found at Linear Automotive. We offer quality workmanship and superior auto care. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive. Give us a call or come by for an estimate when you need a cooling flush service in Plano, Texas.


Another name for coolant fluid is Antifreeze, which is used in your radiator at a mixture of 50/50 of coolant to water mixture. This coolant not only keeps your radiator from freezing in the winter, but also prevents it from boiling over in the summer and is a great lubricant especially for the water pump. Coolant actually moves heat away from the engine cooling it.

In the good ol’ days of bygone years, auto owners would carry a bag of water or two hanging from the hood decoration in front of the radiator, during the summertime in case the radiator boiled over. The water would be cold and cool the radiator quickly and it was also a source of additional water to add to the radiator if it boiled over. It is no longer necessary to carry water on the front of the vehicle with the advent of the Antifreeze coolant made from ethylene glycol which is usually orange or green. This additive can prevent freezing to as low as 30 degrees below zero and keep it from boiling to as high as 275 degrees F. Coolant never really has an expiration date and is good for years and years unless it gets polluted with something such as rust pieces falling into it. Then you wouldn’t want particulates in your radiator, so it is best thrown out and not recycled at that point. *Please be careful about coolant on the ground and clean it all up right away, since pets and animals like to drink it because it tastes sweet. The coolant is very toxic to pets and animals.

The most common cause of overheating is not having enough coolant in the radiator. There needs to be enough coolant to circulate and remove the heat from the engine. When driving on the highway heat can build up and the radiator can boil. If you pull to the side of the road, the engine must cool for a long period of time of at least 1.5 hours – 2 hours, before checking the coolant level. If you try to open the radiator cap while it is still hot and steaming, the coolant can boil over causing severe burns, since it can reach temperatures of up to 275 degrees F. Leave it to the experts at Linear Automotive, since there are a number of items that need to be checked for an engine overheating.

Linear Automotive will check their hi-tech computerized scanners for possible overheating codes related to the possible problems related to the radiator. There are a number of items that they can check over and test thoroughly and quickly to come to the correct solution. There is a possible electric cooling fan failure that pulls cool air through the radiator. The fan could be burned out or it could be the switch. The fan then can’t pull cool air through the radiator. If your fan isn’t electric, then the fan belt might be broken. Another common symptom is a failed thermostat not opening which causes overheating while driving at higher speeds. Last but not least is a clogged radiator that has gotten gummed up, so the antifreeze is not flowing properly through the radiator. All these items can’t be checked on the side of the road easily. It would be better to bring your auto in or have it towed to Linear Automotive for a comprehensive inspection and repair. Our ASE certified technicians will complete the work and have your auto back in shape again. We offer reasonable prices for top quality repairs.

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