Certified Factory Scheduled Regular Maintenance

Linear Automotive keeps your vehicle running smoothly by providing the best certified factory scheduled regular maintenance in Plano, Allen, McKinney, Richardson, Dallas, Frisco, The Colony, Garland, Addison, Sachse, Lucas, Wylie, Rowlett, Murphy, and all surrounding areas. Our ASE certified auto repair mechanics will help extend the life of your vehicle. If you know the year, make, and model then go ahead and click the “Get An Estimate” button to find out how much our services run for your vehicle. We look forward to helping you.

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Fuel Injection Cleaning & Maintenance

Fuel injection cleaning is an important part of the factory scheduled maintenance in order to keep your car running well and getting good gas mileage. Carbon deposits can build up over time which clog the fuel injectors. By following the proper maintenance schedule you can extend the life of your vehicle.

30,000 / 60,000 / 90,000 Mile Services

Old school mechanics may call it a tune up, but now days it is referred to as a service date. Different mileages require different services like spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition coils, filters, and so on. Following the recommended maintenance for your vehicle means helping avoid problems and larger repair bills later on. Preventative maintenance is the best defense against unexpected auto repairs.

Water Pumps & Timing Chains Maintenance

Sooner or later the timing chain will have to be replaced according to your car’s factory maintenance schedule. In most cases the water pump will have to come off too. It is often wise to go ahead and replace both when this happens. Some cars have timing chains while others have timing belts. Be sure to ask our repair mechanics to find out anything you need to know concerning your cars requirements. Our fully certified auto mechanics have years of experience and can answer any questions you may have.

Brake Maintenance & Brake Fluid Flushes

It is wise to have your brake system checked regularly by a certified auto repair mechanic. A careful inspection of the brake system can help things to continue working properly and keeps maintenance costs lower. It is almost always more expensive when addressing problems after the fact, when they really could have been avoided with a regular brake inspection. Our expert auto mechanics repair master cylinders, fluid, brake lines, sensors, calipers, rotors, brake pads, ABS, and anything else concerning the brake system.

Clutch Repair and Replacement

Standard shift cars work with a clutch which will have to be replaced sooner or later. Normally a clutch is replaced about every 100,000 miles. The time it takes for a clutch to wear out depends on how the person is driving the car. When a clutch starts slipping it is time to get a new one. In most cases the engine must be separated from the transmission in order to install a new clutch and pressure plate.

Air, Fuel, and Oil Filter Maintenance

Following the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule involves replacing the air, fuel, and oil filters at certain intervals in order to extend the life span of your car. One of the most frequent things we do is keep the oil and filter changed to extend the life of the vehicle. The mileage in between oil changes will depend on the type of oil used and the amount of mileage on the vehicle.

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