Acura Repair Service in Carrollton TX

Contact our Carrollton Acura repair experts today. The certified Acura service mechanics can repair and maintain Carrollton vehicles at an affordable price. Linear Automotive is minutes away so you don’t need to distress over the repair or maintenance of your Acura. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people from Carrollton choose to do business with Linear Automotive. At Linear Automotive you will receive the highest level of care available, in the quality of the repair and our professional customer service, all within affordable rates.

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Certified Acura Repair Service

Acura Repair Service Specialists

When it comes to finding a Carrollton Acura repair mechanic it will be hard to beat our state of the art auto repair facility and service center. When you bring your Acura in and have our service advisor look at it he can help you get whatever repair or service needed to help maintain your Acura’s factory warranty or to help keep your used Acura performing like it was the day you bought it. Come visit our facility and see why we are the best pick for certified Acura repair in Carrollton, Texas.

Acura Service in Carrollton Texas

Linear Automotive has a state of the art facility that provides the best Acura service in Carrollton Texas. Whether you drive a new or used Acura our trained & certified, ASE certified Acura mechanics can repair, service, & maintain your vehicle. Be sure to ask about our certified Acura body shop for collision repairs.

Check Engine Warning and Acura Mechanic Services in Carrollton

Our ASE certified technicians provide superb Acura Mechanic Services in Carrollton TX. Linear Automotives mechanics have the knowledge and ability to perform Acura repairs. The skills that compose our success originate from the basic skills taught by the largest certifying agency ASE as well as the frequent ongoing training in the newest auto technologies, newest repairs and techniques. Certification is by the US National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. It is a formal certification where the technician is committed to continuing education, professionalism and ethical practices.

One of the check-engine light repairs is the failing oxygen sensor(s). There are several oxygen sensors. One oxygen sensor measures the oxygen in the exhaust gas. This is one of the most common repairs for a major drop in fuel economy as much as 40%. The sensor also provides oxygen to the engine and if it is not running smoothly, it could be the oxygen sensor. There also can be an increase in the emission levels caused by a failure of the oxygen sensor. Unusual sounds coming from the engine have also been attributed to the sensor. There is a 7.55% of all auto repairs attributed to the oxygen sensor. Stop in to Linear Automotive and we can determine the cause of your engine problems and resolve it. It may or may not be the engine sensor, but our ASE certified mechanics will sort it all out and get it repaired.

Acura Body Shop in Carrollton TX

Auto damages due to an accident are always traumatic. Linear Automotive provides a complete and full service Acura body shop in Carrollton, TX. After an accident, we understand it takes time to overcome accident trauma. We will do our part of trying to make any repairs as smooth and quickly as possible. We will help file your claim and we work with all insurance companies. We also set up rental cars for all our customers. Our certified I-Car professional technicians will repair your Acura damages, whether they are the hood, trunk, side panels, bumper, frame or roof, our technicians will repair it completely back to pre-accident condition. When completed, our painters will spray the layers of paint and the final gloss coat in our Accudraft painting room. This gives your Acura that just like new look again. Give us a call at Linear Automotive and we will try to take some of that damaged auto aggravation off your shoulders. We are here to help with putting your Acura back together providing a safe vehicle again for you, family and friends.

Maintenance Minder #4 and Acura Service in Carrollton Texas

Scheduling your routine Maintenance Minder Acura service in Carrollton Texas is easy by calling Linear Automotive to set up an appointment. We will provide the proper oil change and inspections required by your computer Maintenance Minder system. The Maintenance Minder #4 is paired up with one of the oil changes which coordinates and minimizes your service stops. Maintenance Minder #4 is designed to replace your spark plugs, and replace the timing belt. Inspections that are to be completed are to examine the water pump, check valve clearance and adjust the valves if they are noisy. For vehicles with over 160,000 miles the idle speed is to be inspected. If you drive in harsh conditions of very high temperatures over 110 degrees F. or very low under -20 degrees F. then the timing belt is to be replaced every 60,000 miles. Linear Automotive is very dependable and competent in completing your service repairs and will have them completed shortly, so you can get back on the road soon.

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