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If you need shock absorber installation service by a certified Automotive Repair Shop in Plano, Texas then visit Linear Automotive for a free estimate. Our certified ASE® technicians at Linear Automotive can examine and provide replacement of your shocks or any other component in the suspension system. They are knowledgeable experts and experienced in all automobile repairs, maintenance and services at reasonable prices. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive.

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The shock absorbers are part of the suspension system and provide for a smoother ride helping keep the wheels on the ground, so they don’t bounce too much. They also help the steering from feeling out of control when going over a rough surface. The shocks are a hydraulic system with a combination of oil and valves which absorbs the rough terrain that you may have to drive over. The oil inside of the shocks moves very slowly, so it cushions the ride making it feel smoother.

When conventional shocks begin to leak or fail to provide a soft ride anymore somewhere around 50K miles, which is the typical replacement mileage, they will lose their smooth cushioned feel. Symptoms that you may experience are a nose dive when you press your brakes quickly. The vehicle may bounce more or vibrate unpredictably or even become unstable. You may notice that when you turn a corner that all four wheels don’t feel like they are on the ground. This means it is time to replace them. Linear Automotive can provide quality workmanship in the replacement of your shocks.

There are different types of shocks. Another type is the air shocks, air springs or air bags, even air bellows. These are all air ride suspension systems. These provide an extra smooth ride and are self-leveling by using a compressor to pump up the air suspension. There can sometimes be problems with leaks in the compressor ride system, or damaged air lines, and even worn out rubber seals that may cause the air ride to sag. If there is any type of leak, the compressor will continue to pump up the system and consequently burn out. There is also an air shock replacement that can replace regular shocks. These are typically installed on the rear of a truck that carries extra loads. These feel like air shocks but without a compressor. They are filled with compressed air through a special valve, when the vehicle is carrying an extra heavy load and the extra air for the large load can then be released when there is no extra load.

There are a variety of shocks available such as: Standard twin-tube shocks, coil-over shocks, gas/pressurized shock absorbers, mono-tube (single wall) shock absorbers, shocks with reservoirs, bypass shocks, air shocks, and air Bump Stops. Linear Automotive can advise on the shocks required for your vehicle for your driving conditions. Our certified mechanics in Plano can provide replacement of all types of shocks. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are highly qualified and knowledgeable in the best shocks for your vehicle. Just stop on by or give us a call to schedule an appointment for shock replacement. We can examine your suspension system to determine whether it is shocks or struts that need to be replaced in your vehicle.

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