Acura Repair Service in Highland Park TX

When its time to get certified Acura repair in Highland Park, Texas call us. Our Acura repair mechanics have all the latest tools and technology which is why we are often called an Acura dealer alternative. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people from Highland Park Texas choose to do business with Linear Automotive. When it comes to repairing your Acura we’ve got you covered we take pride in restoring damaged Acura’s to their pre-accident condition to the best of our ability. We use the best up to date equipment, OEM parts and the best technicians available. It is very unfortunate but there are some shops that will just patch up damaged cars and return them to their owners and possibly in an unsafe condition.

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Certified Acura Repair Service

Acura Repair Service Specialists

Getting the best Highland Park Acura repair mechanic is as simple as calling our shop. For the best Acura service center experience come by and see for yourself why so many people refer us. We go the extra mile to make sure everything is done accurately and at an affordable price. Schedule an appointment online or call for an appointment and find out first hand why more people in Highland Park choose us for certified Acura repair shop services.

Acura Service in Highland Park Texas

If you haven’t found a dependable Acura service in Highland Park yet, come try us at Linear Automotive. It would be a pleasure to serve you in the maintenance of your Acura. Our certified ASE technicians provide excellent factory maintenance services and repairs.

Factory Fuel Recommendations and Acura Mechanic Services in Highland Park

Linear Automotive offers Acura mechanic services in Highland Park. Our certified ASE technician team is the best and certified by The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. These ASE certified service professionals are leaders in the auto business and have the finest education in the industry. They frequent additional training to keep their knowledge updated to the newest technology, hi-tech diagnostic tools, and any new repair techniques that comes with the introduction of new vehicles.

The Acura comes with some fuel recommendations to keep your auto running properly. Firstly, it is recommended that fuel purchases come from high volume large major brand gas stations. This fuel should have proper detergent additives to keep your engine running clean. Above all you are to avoid the gas with MMT, which is an additive for boosting octane. It also contains a manganese metal. This additive can pollute your system by increasing emissions with a detriment loss of performance and fuel economy. MMT is prohibited in the US, but seems to show up from time to time and is not mentioned on the pump.

Sometimes gas is combined with alcohol and is called oxygenated fuels. These are to reduce auto emissions. Refer to your owner’s manual for EPA- approved oxygenates percentages for your vehicle. These percentages must be listed on the pump for example “E85” fuel or the common 85% ethanol. These should not be used and may cause performance problems. Possible damages can occur such as emissions system, engine, and fuel system. It is best to switch to another brand if you can. Check your owner’s manual for octane recommendations. If too low, a metallic noise may occur in the engine that can cause mechanical damage. If you suspect you have had some bad gas as most call it, and it has persisted after changing gas stations, do call Linear Automotive or stop on in for their recommendations for your Acura. We want your Acura to run smoothly for a long time.

Acura Body Shop in Highland Park TX

Linear Automotive full service mechanics shop is complimented with our Acura body shop in Highland Park TX. Our state of the art facility is all at the same location and under one roof. Our body shop is fully staffed with a team of certified I-Car technicians, who are body repair specialists and paint specialists. They are very knowledgeable and skilled in their use of the Accudraft paint room, selected specialized equipment and exclusive body shop tools to help them complete top quality repairs. Your collision damaged Acura can be easily serviced here. Our technicians can repair it back to pre-accident condition. The damaged panels will be repaired or replaced or a combination of the two. Then the vehicle will be reassembled to factory specifications. The painting is like frosting on the cake, providing that new like condition again. You will be pleased with the results. We help file your insurance claim and work with all insurance companies. Our body shop repairs come with a written Lifetime Warranty.

Spark Plugs Replacement and Acura Service in Highland Park Texas

Linear Automotive is here to provide proper Acura service in Highland Park Texas. Our certified ASE team can easily provide your maintenance services and repairs for your Acura. Your Maintenance Minder coding system provides the owner a service reminder to keep their Acura in best running order. Seemingly, minor factory maintenance inspections can become major problems if maintenance inspections are overlooked or put off. For example, a gentleman owns a 12 year old Acura and never had the spark plugs inspected or replaced or any inspections for that matter. He said that he never had any problems with the auto so he didn’t take it in to the shop. He only kept up with the oil changes. He had horse power loss, but still let it go for a while, but didn’t’ say how long. Anyway, it turned out that he had oil in the spark plug and a crack in the exhaust manifold, which gave him a burnt valve and an expensive repair, which could have been avoided. The moral of the story, it’s best not to put off anything of major importance. Linear Automotive is here to provide you excellent service and repairs at reasonable prices.

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