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Call the pros at Linear Automotive when you need quality bumper repair in Plano, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, or surrounding areas. Linear Automotive is not only a full service mechanic shop, but also a high-tech body shop that can provide top quality bumper repair or replacement. We have top certified I-CarĀ® technicians that can make your bumper like new again.

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Body Shop Bumper Repair in Plano Texas

Restoring a bumper cover first requires knowing the type of plastic it is made of. About 80% of bumpers are polyolefin but testing whether a small piece floats will determine the material. If it does float, it verifies that it is a polyolefin (symbols: TEO, TPO, PP+ EPDM), which melts easily with a heat welder. The polyolefin is a thermoplastic, which means that it is molded with heat. The material will want to return to its original shape when heat is applied.

If the plastic piece sinks in water, it is a polyurethane plastic (symbols: PUR, RIM, RRIM), which is flexible, but bubbles and smokes when overheated with a heat welder. Rigid plastic will sink in water and melts with a welder and is a plastic called xenoy / polycarbonate (symbols: PC + PBT) such as on an older Ford or even on a Mercedes. We use two types of repair methods, one is an airless welder and the other is a chemical bonding process. With a thermoplastic, heat will be applied to help it return to its original shape. Using a PDR technique (Paintless Dent Repair) we will massage the dent out with a tool on the underside while the heat welder is on the topside.

An airless welder can sandwich a metal screen patch over the damaged area. On the underside a layer of hot-melt adhesive is applied, then the metal screen is pressed into the adhesive, then another layer of the hot-melt adhesive is applied. On the topside the adhesive and patch are applied the same way, like layers of a sandwich. After it is dried, we sand and tear down into the layered filled materials and sand and feather on the sides with the proper grit. Then a two part flexible repair adhesive is applied preparing it for base coat painting in our specialized paint booth.

Depending on the bumper material, there is also a two chemical bond process that can be used to make repairs. Epoxy, acrylics or urethanes can be used as fillers. Some of these may need an adhesion promoter. We mix the two-part adhesive thoroughly. There is the initial application followed by the patch material and followed by another layer of the adhesive, which should wet the area thoroughly covering the patch. This is completed first on the underside and then the topside. After it is cured then the sanding begins and is feathered on the sides.

After it is cleaned, then it is ready for painting in our specialized Accudraft painting and drying booth facility with state-of-the-art painting equipment and specialized ventilation that prevents drips and fuzz from sticking to the paint. Your bumper will have a high quality and durable gloss finish and look like new again. Linear Automotive is your best source for affordable high quality bumper repairs.

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