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If you are looking for an affordable auto mechanic for synthetic oil change service in Plano, Texas contact the experts at Linear Automotive. Linear Automotive can provide standard oil and filter change or incorporate a synthetic oil and filter change by our ASE certified technicians. Our knowledgeable experts are experienced in all automobile repairs, maintenance and services at reasonable prices. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive.

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Synthetic motor oils were first developed for aircraft engines by Amsoil, Inc. Back in 1972 the synthetic oils were first introduced to the auto industry. Mobile Oil Company brought their synthetic oil to market in 1975. By the 1990’s the market was flooded with a mass of brands and varieties. Technology changes have radically changed automotive oil and filter services. Typically, in the past there were the 3K mile oil and filter changes. However, today the factory recommended oil and filter changes range from about 7.5K miles up to about 15K miles between servicing. Engine mechanics, sensors, machining, and the overall engine have greatly improved with new advancements. Automobiles are lasting longer than ever before. Some autos come with synthetic oil; some come from the factory with a blend of both standard and synthetic or called semi-synthetic and some with standard oil.

Today, many new hi-tech engines such as Mercedes come directly from the factory with synthetic oil. The viscosity index is lower or thinner, and it offers better protection against deposits. In cold weather this oil flows better and has excellent lubrication when at high temperatures. Evaporation does not readily occur. There seems to be better protection for higher temperatures and heavy loads on the engine. As cooperation between the oil industry and automotive manufacturers the API program came about. They have specific testing methods, and establish synthetic oil requirements and standards to provide a seal of approval on the product that certain criteria have been met. These are now recommended by vehicle manufacturers as preferred synthetic oil choices.

With synthetic oil it is recommended to keep the factory interval servicing to the same schedule as listed in your owner’s manual or your dash reminder system. This synthetic oil is to preserve the engine and not to extend the length between oil services. The dilution will be the same with the same contamination and particulates between services. Since motor oil is 25%-30% additives, they deplete at the same rate as in regular motor oil, so lengthening the oil service intervals might not be a great idea. For older vehicles it has been stated that they have a more difficult time changing to synthetic motor oils. Linear Automotive can give you the pros and cons of synthetic motor oil and whether it is a good choice for your vehicle.

The oil life monitoring systems notify the driver about the proper timing for oil and filter changes based on how the car is driven. There are a number of driving conditions including short or long trips, hot or cold outdoor temperatures, fast or slow driving habits, etc. These are all taken into consideration when the dash computer puts it all together to signal the dash light that it is time for the standard oil change. As of 2013 there are now 16 out of 34 car makers that use this oil life monitoring system. It’s best to maintain your reminder oil and filter changes as scheduled by your reminder system regardless what type of oil you are using. The newest synthetic oils produce less resistance in the engine, which provides more horsepower. The efficiency of the engine will be able to have the same performance level but utilizing less fuel or gas. Our ASE certified mechanics can determine whether synthetic oil is a good choice for you. There are even half and half blends of standard oil and synthetic oil. Linear Automotive can provide your maintenance intervals and your oil and filter changes. Give us a call or come by for an estimate and find out why more people choose us when they need a synthetic oil change in Plano, Texas and the surrounding areas.

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