Acura Repair Service in Allen Texas

Linear is the place to go when you need certified Acura repair mechanics in Allen, Texas. Our Acura repair shop has mechanics trained specifically for European imports & luxury cars. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people from Allen choose to do business with Linear Automotive. At Linear Automotive we’ll gladly take you into the shop, show you exactly what we are doing, and show you your old parts. Here at Linear Automotive we have an open door policy with our customers and we welcome an open exchange of ideas with our technicians and encourage you to keep asking questions until you understand.

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Certified Acura Repair Service

Acura Repair Service Specialists

Whatever your Acura repair needs might be we can provide you with the best repair or service possible. We can perform just about any service necessary on your Acura anything from a small tail light fix to a major engine overhaul or replacement. Remember us when you need an Acura repair shop in Allen to perform certified mechanical services on your vehicle.

Acura Service in Allen Texas

Quality Acura service in Allen, Texas is handled by Linear Automotive, an independently owned and operated full service auto shop. No service or repair is too big or too small for our state of the art facility.

Transmission Torque Converter and Acura Mechanic Services in Allen

Linear Automotive provides Acura Mechanic Services in Allen TX. Our certified ASE mechanics offer A to Z Acura repairs. Nothing is left out in our diagnosis and repairs. We provide safe and accurate repairs providing exact diagnosis utilizing our hi-tech computer diagnostics and our knowledge and skills. We use only OEM Acura factory recommended parts. If you are experiencing vibrations between 35-40 mph and your vehicle is out of warranty, you may be having an automatic transmission torque converter problem. We will check your tires/rims; drive train and alignment first, just to confirm the problem. Linear Automotive will provide an analysis inspection and then provide the proper diagnosis and repair to resolve your problem.

Acura Body Shop in Allen TX

Under our roof, not only do we have a mechanics shop, we also have a full service Acura body shop in Allen TX. Whether you just have a small ding or a huge indentation in your auto, our body shop services all accident repairs. We have state of the art equipment to allow our certified I-Car body experts to provide top workmanship on your repairs for your Acura. All insurance companies are welcome here. We help file claims, and provide all our customers car rental set up.

We remove all damaged panels and either fix or replace them. We inspect and measure the frame to be sure there is no damage. If there is frame damage we service this on our frame stretching machine back to factory specifications. After all repairs are made it heads to the Accudraft paint booth. A base coat, paint and then clear gloss paint are applied. That shiny new look is now back. Out technicians finalize the auto with re-installing the headlights, mirrors, etc. Our quality control specialist checks everything off the list, before releasing it for a test drive to be sure everything is back in working order. All of our body shop repairs are backed with a written Lifetime Warranty. Linear Automotive provides excellent and certified workmanship auto body repairs.

Maintenance Minder #2 – Cabin Filter and Acura Service in Allen Texas

The best way to keep your Acura service in Allen Texas in top condition is to follow the Maintenance Minder recommended maintenance calendar. Your Acura service needs are controlled by a smart computer which combines a mileage maintenance schedule with the operating conditions of the engine. The operating conditions include how the vehicle is driven, temperatures of operating conditions, weather hot/cold extremes, city or freeway driving, short trips or long trips, frequent start/stop all wearing on the vehicle fluids. Then they are all coordinated together incorporating oil changes with maintenance services into the best schedule to minimize customer inconvenience.

A very simple item on the Maintenance Minder #2 schedule is the replacement of the Acura’s pollen/cabin air filter. It is replaced for a few reasons. The first is the most obvious, if you have allergies, it is helpful to minimize the interior pollen. Secondly, both the air conditioner and the heater operate more efficiently. It is a HEPA filter and filters at a 99.97% with a 0.03um particle size. It also helps the air smell cleaner. The drive belt is also to be inspected as well as replacing the air cleaner element. Linear Automotive is the best automotive repair center and body shop in the Allen, Texas area.

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