Certified Auto Body Shop & Full Service Collision Repair

Call us when you need an Auto Body Shop in Plano, Allen, McKinney, Richardson, Dallas, Frisco, The Colony, Garland, Addison, Sachse, Lucas, Wylie, Rowlett, Murphy, and all surrounding areas. The certified paint & auto body shop and full service collision repair services at Linear Automotive is second to none. Our auto body shop is centrally located just off I-75 in Plano which is close & convenient for all the North Dallas cities & suburbs. If you come by our state of the art facility and experience the knowledge and courtesy of our staff it will be hard for you to take your car somewhere else. Linear Automotive works with all insurance companies and provides the best certified auto body shop & full service collision repair in Plano, Allen, McKinney, Richardson, Dallas, Frisco, The Colony, Garland, Addison, Sachse, Lucas, Wylie, Rowlett, Murphy, and all surrounding areas.

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Best Auto Body Shop Collision Repair Service in Plano Texas

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Auto Paint & Body Work

We have some of the most talented auto paint & body shop specialists to be found anywhere. In addition to our standard collision repair services we also offer the best hail damage repair. Be sure to ask about our certified auto body shop services for BMW, Lexus, Audi, Infiniti, Mercedes, and Acura. Our full services auto repair center features certified mechanics that can handle anything and everything the dealer can. We are often referred to as a dealer alternative for BMW, Lexus, Audi, Infiniti, Mercedes, and Acura. Come on by and find out why more luxury car owners choose us.

Windshield Replacement

Chips & nicks can quickly become cracks that span the width of a windshield. When this happens replacement may be the only option. Surprisingly enough most comprehensive auto insurance policies pay for windshield repairs / replacements. Be sure to ask about any deductible. Our body shop in Plano handles windshield replacement for any car, truck, and SUV. Whether you have been in an accident or just become the victim of a rock flying up from the road that inflicted damage, we can get your car taken care of in no time. The windshield provides approximately 60% of the structural integrity for the car cab in the event of a rollover. A crack spanning the width of the windshield presents a safety hazard. Give us a call and let us deal with your insurance to get you the repairs you deserve. Call one of our auto body shop specialists for more information.

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Car Bumpers & Spoilers

There may be times when a front or rear bumper gets damaged when parking in areas or parking lots that have high concrete curbs or loose grocery carts. This is actually one of the most common reasons someone brings a car to our auto body shop in Plano for bumper repairs or replacement. The second highest reason for people bringing in their car for front or rear bumper repair is because of a minor collision. Our state of the art auto repair facility allows us to provide a beautiful color match and showroom finish.

Car Hail Damage Repair & Paintless Dent Removal

Hail storms can cause massive damage to your car. The I-Car certified technicians at our auto body shop in Plano can remove dents and dings by a process known as paintless dent repair (PDR). Paintless dent removal is the procedure in which hail damage repairs are performed without the use of sanding, bondo, or paint. Not every auto body shop is created equal when it comes to quality certified work and a solid warranty to back it up. Linear Automotive offers affordable prices on work done by expert & certified auto body shop technicians and a written lifetime warranty.

Auto Body Panels

When a car gets into an accident and collision just about anything can happen. We have seen many bizarre situations where it is difficult to envision exactly how that accident could have taken place. No matter how an accident comes to pass, if a body panel needs to be repaired or replaced our expertly trained and experienced body shop technicians can get your car back into shape in no time.

Fenders & Flares

In most front end accidents the front fenders are usually affected. Fenders can be repaired or even replaced completely by our auto body team. Front headlights are partially supported by the fenders in some cars. When our paint & body shop repairs or replaces a front fender we check the hood and door to ensure proper alignment according to factory specifications.

Grilles & Louvers

Our body shop in Plano can repair or replace the grille and louvers on your car. We service all makes and models with the highest quality auto parts and workmanship at affordable prices. Grilles and louvers can become damaged from road debris, rocks, and other objects that get kicked up from the road. One of the problems we see often is the result of sun damage and severe heat and weather.

Tailgates, Liftgates, & Rear Hatchbacks

Rear end auto accidents often affect the rear hatchback, liftgate, or tailgate areas. Our paint & body shop uses quality OEM parts on your car to produce the best results that we can be proud to stand behind with our written lifetime warranty. You can be certain that our paint & body shop repair specialists will make sure everything is operating perfectly and looks like new again.

Headlights, Brake Lights & Tail Lights

If your car’s headlights, brake lights, or tail lights have become damaged or quit working for any reason call us or schedule an appointment online. Our auto body shop in Plano can repair or replace damaged and broken lights. We use genuine OEM auto parts so you can rest assured that the work will be done correctly and your car will look and function great again.

Door Panels & Skins

Accidents can do quite a bit of damage to car doors. Sometimes the door will need to be completely replaced but there are also situations that call for a new skin. Any time a car door is replaced or repaired by our Plano body shop we check all electrical and mechanical components to ensure windows, sound speakers, and everything else is functioning.

Auto Frame Straightening

Automobiles that have been in severe accidents will need the frame straightened and aligned back into factory specifications. Our auto body shop in Plano has a state of the art computerized frame machine used by certified technicians. We will get your car safely on the road again. Our body shop technicians use a precise measurement system to repair your car right the first time.

Car Hoods & Emblems

Front end auto collisions usually warrant repair or replacement for the hood and emblem. It is more difficult finding emblems on an older car which means sometimes a used or aftermarket emblem may have to be settled on. Linear automotive can repair most hoods however it is actually less expensive for our customers sometimes to go with a replacement.

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Best Auto Body Shop Collision Repair Service in Plano Texas

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Linear Automotive is proud to offer the very best certified auto body shop and collision repair center in Plano, TX. Come by and find out why so many people choose us for quality paint & body work. Our certified auto body technicians will provide a level of service that you will come to rely on.