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For the best Plano Auto Repair be sure to check out the certified mechanics at Linear Automotive. We offer power steering repair service in Plano, Texas. If your power steering is squealing, Linear Automotive provides power steering repair and/or replacement so it will be working safely again. Our expert pros are certified ASE® technicians and top notch in all auto repairs.

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One obvious symptom of a failing power steering is squealing or groaning when you turn a corner. Also, noises under the hood might include chattering sounds or even clunking noises, which may indicate that the power steering pump is failing and should be checked as soon as possible. When it becomes difficult to turn the steering wheel low fluid, a loose belt on the pump, or even a bad power steering pump.

We can check your power steering problems by first examining the power steering fluid. If it is old and gummed up it may cause power steering pump failure. The fluid should be red color, not gray and dark with oxidation. If the power steering pump has degraded it may cause flakes of metal in the fluid. There should not be any bubbles or foam in the power steering lines. The fluid level should be checked on a regular basis. When you move your car and it leaves behind a puddle of red oil, this leak may eventually drain your power steering fluid below safe levels causing damage. Sometimes the reservoir with a small screen gets plugged up and needs replacement too.

Our mechanics may also remove the drive belt to examine the pump shaft for the power steering and try to slide the pulley out from the pump, checking for a broken shaft. If this happens then the pump most definitely needs replacement. Parts that commonly may also need replacement include the power steering reservoir, hoses leading from the reservoir, high pressure pump to rack hose, and/or the power steering pump. Sometimes when the power steering fluids are dark brown in the reservoir rather than red color, the fluid is severely contaminated and is hard on the pump and components. We offer a power steering flush where we drain and clean out all the old power steering fluids and replace with new fluid. Linear Automotive uses quality OEM parts in our repairs. We also offer factory scheduled checkups and maintenance schedules for your vehicle at reasonable prices. Call the experts at Linear Automotive when you need power steering service by a certified auto repair in Plano and all surrounding areas. Our certified mechanics can provide you with a free estimate. Once you stop by our state of the art automotive facility you will quickly find out why more people in North Texas are finding their way to Linear Automotive.

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