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Automotive Multi-Point Inspection Service in Plano Texas


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Visit Linear Automotive when you need automotive repair service in Plano, Texas for multi-point inspections by certified mechanics at affordable prices. Our multi-point inspection will be completed by our top certified ASE® technicians. This inspection is conducted at Linear Automotive and can provide a multitude of information on your auto, so you can make an informed decision regarding any servicing or repairs you would like to have done. All automobile maintenance, repairs and services are handled by our certified professionals at reasonable prices. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive.


Our top certified ASE® technicians will conduct the multi-point inspections and will include multiple areas of inspection. One area of inspection is the engine systems and the remaining engine oil life, especially if you are close to your next oil change, then we can take care of this while you are here. Tire wear will be inspected, will also check the alignment, and tires balanced and in great shape. Along the same area of the wheels is a multi-point check of the brake system including the calipers, pads to be sure they are in shape to meet the road safely. The windshield glass will be examined, the windshield wipers, headlights, blinkers, mirror blinkers, tail lights, and back window washer to be sure for safety sake that they are all in working condition. Our examination of the fluid levels will also check for the health of the fluids as well as whether they are low. We will top these off if all the fluids are clean and healthy. The battery connections and condition will be checked so you don’t get stranded along the roadside. If you have On Star, we will be sure your connection and operating controls are working properly. Other critical systems such as the hoses will also be examined for leaks, belts will be checked for cracks and wear, timing belt, air conditioner whether producing cold air, the suspension system for shocks and struts, the diagnostic scanner will be checked for error codes and then we will follow them to any area that may be of concern.

Engine system items for inspection include checking the starting or ignition, idling, acceleration, transmission, cruising speed and smooth operation, engine noise at hot or cold and high/low speeds, transaxle operation and cold and hot shifting quality, drive axle and transfer case operation, steers normally and its response, centering and play, clutch operation, suspension squeaks and rattles, struts and shocks, cruise control, and gauges operate properly. The vehicle interior will also be inspected. There is a safety belt and airbag inspection, antenna, audio and alarm systems, the heat/ AC, defog and defrost system checked. Interior amenities will also be checked including the steering column lock, steering wheel controls, the horn, warning chimes, instrument panel, interior lights and rear view camera.

Our 100 point inspection will clearly examine nearly everything possible on the auto list both mechanically and visually checked. Our goal is to make your vehicle as safe as possible as well as to bring it up to peak operating condition. Our top ASE® technicians will advise what they feel is essential for safety first. If you decide to wait for your auto’s multi-point examination, you are welcome to visit our customer waiting area. It provides comfortable amenities such as a huge TV, comfortable couches, a billiard table, computer stations, and a kitchen for snacks. When the examination is completed, we will visit with you regarding the results and walk you through our findings. Our checklist is explanatory as to what is most important and then on down the list. This allows a choice as to what the owner feels is necessary to be completed. We provide top quality maintenance services and repairs and are dependable and offer work completed by a professional certified team.

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