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When you need a certified mechanic to perform affordable automotive tune up services in Plano, Texas call the professionals at Linear Automotive. Linear Automotive can provide a tune up for your auto serviced by our ASE certified technicians. All automobile maintenance, repairs and services are handled by our certified professionals at reasonable prices. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive. Give us a call or come by for an estimate when you need a top quality tune-up by a certified automotive technician in Plano, Texas and all surrounding areas.


In the “old days” a tune-up was considered replacing the spark plugs, the spark plug wires, the distributor, distributor cap, points and rotor and condenser. Then the timing had to be set and the carburetor was adjusted. Linear Automotive services all years, makes, and models providing the typical tune-up, services and inspections of your auto by our certified technicians.

Today, it is considered a preventative maintenance service and engine performance check. Most of the time when a customer requests a tune-up, they are experiencing some engine problems or emission problems. Some consider today that a tune up includes the auto’s computer adjusting the timing and idle, but it is automatic now. The spark plugs can still be replaced, but now the fuel injector can be cleaned, and the sensors and switches will be checked to be sure they are in good working condition.

Spark plug wires can still wear out and are on the maintenance schedule to be replaced about every 60K miles to 100K miles depending on your auto’s make and model. Spark plug wires are no longer actual wires but made of carbon fibers. The carbon eventually breaks down and these fibers separate causing high electrical resistance. When there is too much resistance it degrades the spark and results in poor combustion, lousy gas mileage, misfires and eventually your check engine light can come on. They can also arc to other nearby engine parts and cause ignition component failure.

Linear Automotive can provide your tune-up and maintenance and will let you know if we find the problem you are experiencing. We can even check the compression, looking for bad fuel injectors or compression problems; check the manifold intake vacuum, the battery, the computer for error codes, the exhaust emissions for fuel mixture, ignition and all related emission items and performance. Our mechanic can install a new air filter, fuel filter, PCV valve if needed. The fluid levels can also be checked – transmission, engine, coolant, brakes and power steering fluids and topped off unless there is a problem. All belts and hoses should also be checked and/or replaced. Other typical safety features such as tire pressure, wipers, lights and horn should be inspected from time to time.

Linear Automotive has the best ASE certified technician team in Plano and can provide all repairs and services for your auto, whether it is an Import, European, or domestic model. Our professional certified mechanics enjoy repairing your auto and then putting your vehicle back together and having it run at peak condition. We are dependable, honest, and have a reputation of completing quality work on time. Give us a call or come by for an estimate when you need a quality automotive tune-up in Plano, Texas and all surrounding areas.

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