Acura Repair Service in Dallas Texas

Certified Acura mechanics in Dallas, Texas. Call us for certified Acura repair service in Dallas, Texas. Our mechanics repair all models and perform a wide variety of factory scheduled maintenance, computer diagnostics, collision repair, and general auto repairs. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people from Dallas choose to do business with Linear Automotive. In addition to our years of Acura expertise and extensive printed resource materials and manuals at our disposal, our shop uses the most up to date computerized diagnostic equipment. This system gives our Acura technicians immediate access to make the proper diagnostics in a timely manner.

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Certified Acura Repair Service

Acura Repair Service Specialists

We can print out your next service interval, estimates, and consumer information on things such as timing belts, brakes, engine repairs, power steering service and etc. You can count on us to keep up with the service of your new or used Acura so you don’t have to. Call or come by and find out why more people rely on us for advanced Acura repairs and mechanic work in Dallas, Texas.

Acura Service in Dallas Texas

Are you looking for the best Acura service in Dallas, Texas? It will be our pleasure to serve you. Linear Automotive provides complete service, maintenance, and repairs at reasonable prices.

Battery Low and Acura Mechanic Services in Dallas

Linear Automotive provides top Acura mechanic services in Dallas. Quality, full service mechanic repairs are provided by our certified ASE® technicians. Our technicians are well versed in diagnostic technology and utilize the hi-tech computer analysis to provide a rapid diagnosis of any repairs needed. One of the preventative repairs that needs attending from time to time is the battery. It’s possible that the BATT LOW or BATTERY CHARGE LOW may show up on the dashboard. It means that the battery needs more charge. Possibly, too many short trips aren’t allowing the battery to get a full charge. If you have kids a common occurrence it that they may leave the car door open overnight creating a constant battery drain, and in a hurry the next morning, you go to start the car, but get that click no start sound. Sometimes leaving the ignition in the “on” position, any accessory such as the radio, heater fan, seat heaters, etc. can give you a similar no car response, BATT LOW, the next morning. Cold and hot weather is also hard on batteries. Batteries are typically replaced about every 3 years, but extreme hot or cold will deteriorate them more quickly.

When the battery management system displays a low battery light, it means it is below the level that it should be at. It does not necessarily mean that the car won’t start. During times like this, be sure to leave off the accessories to prevent unnecessary battery drain until it is charged up again. There could also be a bad alternator or bad regulator or even a faulty solenoid or relay. Newer cars have the regulator built into the alternator. Either way you are welcome to stop in at Linear Automotive and we’ll check it out for you. It won’t take long and we can have you back on your way in a short time. Linear Automotive can handle all your Acura mechanic repairs easily and correctly, and get you back on the road.

Acura Body Shop in Dallas TX

Whether your Acura was in an accident or was a sitting duck in the parking lot and sustained various damages to your vehicle. We are a complete Acura body shop in Dallas TX providing body repairs for large or small damages. We can repair your Acura back to original factory specifications. We work with all insurance companies, help file claims, and set up rental cars for all our customers. Our certified I-Car experts are experienced in body shop work including frame work. We use the latest in hi-tech repair and paint equipment. Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable and provides quality workmanship for each vehicle coming through our shop. Our goal is to restore your Acura exterior body and any internal damaged mechanical components, to protect your investment and to provide you with peace of mind throughout the process that a good job is being done. All of our body shop repairs come backed with a written Lifetime Warranty.

Intro to Dash Minder System and Acura Service in Dallas Texas

We provide Acura service in Dallas Texas. The Acura has a dash Maintenance Minder, which keeps track of the engine oil life remaining by percentage. There is no exact mileage between maintenance services as it was in the past. It is determined by the engine temperature, ambient temperature, speed, time, and vehicle use to determine when the oil needs changing. The codes are listed either as a Main Code plus a Sub Code. The smart computer system then coordinates the Maintenance Check-Ups Sub Code when one of the Oil Services Main Codes comes due to maximize the customer convenience. We at Linear Automotive can provide your maintenance services for both the oil changes and maintenance service inspections and reset your dash Maintenance Minder system.

Linear Automotive is your one-stop shop for mechanical, body-shop and maintenance services. Our workers are certified mechanical ASE technicians or certified I-Car body shop technicians. Just give us a call or stop in; we are here to help with your Acura and its proper care. If you stop in for a service and choose to wait, you are welcome to relax in our comfortable waiting area with relaxing couches, a pool table, huge TV, computer stations, and a kitchen. We will have your auto repaired correctly the first time, so you will be back on the road promptly.

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Call us at 972-633-2201