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Looking for Plano Auto Repair? Linear Automotive provides Air Filter auto repair in Plano, TX. Our certified technicians replace filters in most makes & models. We have a great reputation for providing dependable quality maintenance, repairs and services for your vehicle at Linear Automotive. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive.

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The engine air filter is a relatively inexpensive and very practical item to replace about every 1-2 years, which will help your auto capture clean air for the engine combustion while keeping out the dirt and grit from the engine. If you are here at Linear Automotive for maintenance services or for a repair, we can also check and replace your engine air filter if needed. When you look at the front grill of your vehicle you can see some of the elements that the engine air filter prevents from interfering with the combustion of the engine. Your engine’s first line of defense against bugs, dust, mud, water, leaves and everything you don’t want is the air filter. Fuel injected engines use a filter made of pleated paper with rubber edges and is contained in a box or air filter housing which is near the motor and connected to the intake manifold with a tube.

Older vehicles with a carburetor have a circular folded paper air filter with rubber edges that fits on top of the throttle or carburetor. Ford Motors came out with a ‘Visteon Long Life Filtration System’ on the Ford Focus that uses foam as the filtration filter. This filter is not located in the engine compartment but in the bumper and can go about 150K miles for its interval. There is also foam or polyurethane foam filters and even cotton filters soaked in oil or wet foam found in aftermarket auto filters. The cotton filters cannot be used in certain environments such as in deserts or snowy locations. Most auto owners prefer folded paper or foam since they are more economical. Whatever type of air filter you may need, Linear Automotive can replace the old filter with the correct one for your auto.

According to a 2009 report by the U.S. Department of Energy a clogged air filter did not significantly affect fuel economy, but it did affect acceleration by 6% to 11%. Since the computer will see less oxygen it will inject less fuel, so there will be less power. The computer calculates an air/fuel proportion, so less air equals less fuel and ultimately less power. Every make, model and year of automobile has a different interval replacement requirement of when to change the engine air filter. Linear Automotive’s ASE certified technicians can check the engine air filter while you are here for an oil change, maintenance services, or any repairs. Replacement of the engine air filter is rather inexpensive, which reduces the stress on the engine. Top quality repairs by top certified mechanics are offered at Linear Automotive. We welcome you to stop in to check us out, or give us a call to schedule an appointment. We will be happy to service your vehicle to help keep it in top working condition. Come get a free estimate when you are looking for quality auto repair in Plano or any of the surrounding areas and find out why more people in North Texas are choosing to do business with Linear Automotive.

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