Acura Repair Service in Murphy Texas

Certified Acura repair for Murphy, Texas. Our mechanics specialize in helping people needing Acura service in Murphy, TX. We are only minutes away and offer a state of the art facility for your vehicle. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people from Murphy choose to do business with Linear Automotive.

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Certified Acura Repair Service

Acura Repair Service Specialists

Linear Automotive can completely fill your needs when you want a certified Acura repair shop in Murphy, Texas. Linear Automotive offers affordable prices so that our customers can save on Acura car repair and service. Visit our Acura service center today and speak with our ASE service advisor, he can help you decide what service is best for your new or used Acura and possibly help you save money.

Acura Service in Murphy Texas

Linear Automotive provides unsurpassed Acura service in Murphy, Texas. We offer complete full factory Acura Maintenance Minder services, mechanic repairs, and body shop/collision repairs, all at reasonable prices. We have a reputation of being the factory alternative offering independently owned pricing. The engine in your Acura is a complicated power plant, and it requires engine oil that meets exacting specifications. Linear Automotive always provides the correct oil, along with oil and filter changes at factory specified intervals, this will help ensure proper lubrication. Acura recommends checking the engine oil level at every fill up, and always before a long trip. Ask us or consult your Acura Owner’s Manual for the proper procedure to check the oil level. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people from Murphy choose to do business with Linear Automotive. Our state of the art facility is only minutes away centrally located at Hwy 75 & George Bush Turnpike.

Ignition Coil and Acura Mechanic Services in Murphy

Our mechanics at Linear Automotive are ASE certified and provide exceptional Acura mechanic services in Murphy. Our shop provides repairs correctly done the first time, saving you time and money. We take our job seriously because your safety is our top priority. Servicing your Acura is a pleasure to put your auto back into proper running condition, so it will last a long time. One common issue with ignitions is the ignition coil failure. About 3% of all repairs resulted with an ignition coil failure in 2013. These tend to fail because of age or because of extremely high temperatures in the engine compartment. A failure of the coil can cause additional problems such as a costly converter replacement. Linear Automotive can easily diagnose this problem. We will check out the coil and converter, repair it in a timely manner and have you back safely on the road.

Acura Body Shop in Murphy TX

Customers marvel at the results at our Acura body shop in Murphy TX. The finalization of the body shop repairs is the paint job letting your Acura look like new again. That is the primary eye catcher, when a vehicle is finished, allowing it to look polished and fresh again. Linear Automotive provides the Italian Accudraft paint room system, which accounts for the very elegant like new finish.

Linear Automotive is staffed with certified I-Car technicians that are very skilled in their use of the hi-tech equipment and specialized tools that they have available to use. The certified I-Car technicians have an artful skill to repair damaged panels, hoods, bumpers and roof tops to factory specifications. They then can assemble it all back together again to factory specifications utilizing our measurement equipment.

Linear Automotive also provides the repair of small dents and dings using the Paintless Dent Repair system. The dents are massaged back into place without disturbing the original paint. The results are amazing. We work with all insurance companies, help file your claim, and set up rental cars for all our customers. All of our body work comes with a written Lifetime Warranty.

Maintenance Minder B & Tie Rods/Gear Box and Acura Service in Murphy Texas

Linear Automotive provides all tune-up and repair Maintenance Minder Acura service in Murphy Texas. There are many inspections requested by the Maintenance Minder B schedule including the inspect tie rod ends and gear box and boots in the steering and wheel system. These can be impacted by the tire hitting pot holes and rough irregular surfaces causing wear on the tie rods. They connect the wheels to the steering and if there is any play in the system it will cause a loose feeling in the steering. The boots protect the joints from dirt and mud. The gear box is attached to the gear shift for the driver to change gears to provide maximum torque for the driving conditions. The gear box gears are moving at the same speed of the vehicle and when it is down shifted the engine will pull down or slow down the vehicle.

If any of these parts fail the inspection test by our ASE certified technicians, they need to be replaced. The control of the wheels is vital to your steering safety. Also a faulty gear box will inhibit proper shifting also impacting your driving safety. Linear Automotive can repair these problem so your Acura will function properly again. We welcome you to bring in your Acura for proper maintenance and enjoy the benefit of quality repairs and our low prices.

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