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When you need a Plano Automotive Service that can change your transmission fluid call the certified mechanics at Linear Automotive. Linear Automotive can provide transmission fluid change and examination of the transmission system by our ASE certified technicians. All automobile repairs, services and maintenance are handled by our certified professionals at reasonable prices. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive.

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Every year, make, and model demands a set of maintenance requirements at various intervals. The transmission fluid change for automatic transmissions is typically set for about 100K miles. Some experts say it should be done at least every 50K miles. Manual transmissions have their own schedule. Transmission fluid degrades due to hard use, city driving, heavy load hauling, and hot operating temperatures which contribute to deterioration. Clean transmission fluid helps to keep the transmission cool and lubricated which allows smoother gear shifting. Fresh fluids can help prevent gear slipping or rough shifting. The fluid can turn dark with age, but if a puddle is found on the ground it can appear reddish in color so be on the lookout.

Automatic transmissions have a filter that should also be changed at the same time as the transmission fluid change. Linear Automotive will follow the recommended fluid type or OEM fluids best for your vehicle for the transmission fluid change. The average amount of transmission fluids an auto holds varies by make & model. Some transmissions hold up to 36 quarts of transmission fluids! Linear Automotive can provide a standard automatic transmission fluid change by draining the old fluid through the drain plug. Then new clean OEM recommended transmission fluids for your vehicle will be filled back up to the proper level. Changing the transmission fluids will include the torque converter and the transmission cooler. Our ASE certified mechanics do a great job on handling the automatic transmission and manual transmission fluid changes. A standard transmission service typically includes a fluid and filter change, and the pan and magnet are cleaned of any metal shavings and fine debris. Only a third of the fluid is typically changed at one time depending on the make and model.

Transmission flushes were popular in the 90’s, however with complaints of problems that can happen afterward this procedure has been discontinued at our shop. Our expert mechanics can perform transmission fluid changes and maintenance of filters and magnet for most any make and model. Give us a call or stop by for a free estimate and find out why more people choose us for auto repair in Plano when they need a transmission fluid change by expert automotive mechanics.

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