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Contact Linear Automotive when you need quality Brake Service in Plano Texas. Our Plano Brake Service specialists replace pads, rotors, & more. The ASE Certified technicians at Linear Automotive provide expert repairs, maintenance and services for your vehicle. Our highly trained staff has the expertise and knowledge to provide quality repairs and service for your brakes. We offer service & repair for brake pads, calipers, rotors, brake lines, master cylinder, brake fluid flush, and much more. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive.


Braking problems usually show up with some type of symptom, such as the brake pedal being unusually low when you go to press it down. Sometimes the brake pedal may require more pressure for stopping than previously. Linear Automotive can check your brake fluid for contamination and air bubbles. Depending on your last brake fluid replacement, which is recommended every 2 years, Linear Automotive can flush the lines and bleed the brakes so it has fresh clean brake fluid. We can have our certified technicians examine your brakes carefully and offer options to repair anything that is needed.

Some worn brake pads get unusually noisy when stopping. It could be a squeal, whining, groaning, grind or even clunking sounds. It’s best to have the brakes checked right away. They may have even worn past the point of driving safety, so an examination of the brakes is important. Worn brakes can also cause pulling or extra grabbing sensations. If the brakes release when you let go of the pedal, they should spin freely. However, if the brakes don’t let go and continue to hold the vehicle back or a dragging sensation, the brakes need repair or replacement. Let Linear Automotive know what’s going on with your braking, and we’ll be sure to check it thoroughly and let you know what the problem is.

There are typically three types of brakes in most cars. There are the anti-lock brakes or ABS brakes, the disc brakes and the brake drums. The ABS braking system or anti-lock braking system has a controller, valve, and speed sensors on each wheel and a pump. The controller reads the speed sensors and controls the valves which can pump the brakes automatically about 15 times a second. The controller prevents the brakes from locking up in an emergency situation, which could cause skidding. In this instance during the pumping of the brakes, you will remain in control of the steering while the ABS brakes bring you to a safe but quick stop. Most vehicles have this type of brake system today. Linear Automotive can check out your brake pads as well as the ABS braking system for any problems it may have.

Drum brakes are used more frequently in older models as the rear brakes but have been used as the front brakes too. Eventually these will need new brake shoes replaced when they get within 1/32 inch or .8 mm of the brake shoes with rivets or within 1/16 inch or 1.6mm, if there are no rivets. Sometimes a scored drum needs refinishing, because deep groves get scored into the metal. This type of braking system uses a number of springs, and an adjuster, a brake cylinder, and an anchor pin. Linear Automotive can repair any problems you may have with your drum brakes.

Cars today mostly use disc brakes for front brakes while some have them on all four wheels. Of the different types of brakes the single-piston floating caliper is the most common type. The calipers are made to slide side to side. Since there are no springs in this type, the brake pads are always in contact with the rotor with only the lightest touching. Linear Automotive is here to service your brakes and provide quality repairs for your braking safety. Just give us a call or stop on in for any braking repairs you may need. When you need brake pads replaced or brake service call the experts at Linear Automotive to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.