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The exhaust system moves spent combustion engine gasses away from the car. However, it’s the job of the catalytic converter to reduce the emissions from the combustion engine. It is located between the exhaust manifold and the muffler. The catalytic converter takes the toxic gasses such as dangerous hydrocarbons or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (mostly unburned fuel), nitrogen oxides (contributor to smog and acid rain), and carbon monoxide (colorless and odorous toxic gas) and converts them to less harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas and water. The converted gasses move through to the muffler where the noises are muffled by going through several chambers with baffles to quiet the noise. The gases then leave via the exhaust system and out the tail pipe.

One of the first symptoms that something is wrong with the catalytic converter is when you go for the EPA emissions testing and you fail to pass the emissions test. The catalytic converter is said to be fouled when a contaminant coats the lining of the catalytic converter and the normal chemical conversion to non-toxic gasses can’t occur. It is known that a certain color of the smoke coming from the tail pipe is the result of the specific chemical coating on the inside of the converter. When the exhaust color is white, it indicates that there is silicone from radiator coolant coming through the catalytic converter. When the color is blue the pollutant coating the catalytic converter is phosphorous from burnt motor oil.

Another indicator that the catalytic converter has a problem is a lack of accelerating power. If you have fouled spark plugs or a burnt exhaust valve the catalytic converter might be clogged up. Unburned fuel can travel into the catalytic converter where it will continue to accumulate and coat the lining of the converter. If you have an abrupt change in your fuel efficiency, the catalytic converter might be clogged up. Linear Automotive can diagnose the problem with your catalytic converter and replace it if needed. A three-way catalytic converter is called this because it changes the three main toxic gasses into less harmful gasses. In order to complete these chemical reactions, precious metals are used as a catalyst. To reduce the (NOx) Nitrogen Oxides it uses platinum and rhodium as a catalyst to complete the gas conversion. The unburned hydrocarbons and the carbon monoxide change when the gases travel over platinum and palladium catalyst. These expensive metals contribute to the expense of a new catalytic converter.

The fuel injection system is monitored by the oxygen sensor mounted just in front of the catalytic converter and measures the amount of oxygen that is in the exhaust. The oxygen sensor tries to allow the engine run as smoothly as possible by adjusting the air-to-fuel ratio. This ideal ratio is called the stoichiometric point. Our ASE certified mechanics are educated, trained and experienced in catalytic converter toxic gases and problems and can test and examine the converter, then make any necessary repairs to be sure that your exhaust system is operating properly, so you pass the EPA emissions testing. If you need catalytic converter repair in Plano, Texas or any of the surrounding areas contact the certified mechanics at Linear Automotive for a free estimate. Once you visit our state of the art auto repair shop in Plano it will become clear why more people choose us for affordable automotive services.

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