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If you need auto repair in Plano Texas come visit Linear Automotive. Our team provides water pump repair service in Plano TX by certified mechanics. If your vehicle is overheating, you might need a water pump replacement. Linear Automotive offers affordable auto repairs by ASE certified technicians. We are expert European & Import auto specialists, but can service many other makes and models as well. Radiators can also cause an automotive system to overheat. If you’re not sure exactly what is wrong with the vehicle ask about our computer diagnostic services that can read the onboard computer and list any problems. If you know the year, make, and model then go ahead and click the “Get An Estimate” button to find out how much our services run for your vehicle. We look forward to helping you.

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The primary purpose of the water pump is to circulate the coolant around the engine to prevent overheating. The water pump parts include a main shaft, impeller, flange, and a gasket. The cooling system works between about 160 to 190 degrees F. If it gets too cold the engine oil gets thicker and any parts that normally get lubrication suffer due to cold thickened oil. But if the engine gets too hot, it can cause engine failure, cracking of the engine block, manifold and cylinder head may cause extra wear to the engine bearings, bearing surfaces and valve train. The coolant moves from the radiator into small tubes with fins that cools things down. The hoses also need to be in good order to withstand all the heat from the engine that may cause cracks and cuts around the clamps and eventually leaking.

When your car overheats and the dash thermostat warning light is letting you know that your engine is too hot, there are likely other symptoms letting you know that something needs attention. Sometimes there is a puddle of coolant under the vehicle radiator at the front end of the vehicle. If it has a leak causing low coolant it will eventually wear and cause failure to your water pump. Additional symptoms may also include the water pump pulley which may be loose and can be checked by trying to rotate it back and forth. If the pulley is loose, it will need replacing. Another symptom is when the air conditioner is not functioning properly indicating a possible leak in the coolant system. Some vehicles have a low coolant dash light that may come on. Sometimes the water pump bearings wear out and can cause grinding noises that can be heard when the hood is up. The whole water pump is usually replaced, since it is so critical in the cooling of the engine. If the engine overheats it may cause irreparable damages. Linear Automotive can replace your water pump and any associated parts that may have failed in the cooling system to get your vehicle’s engine properly cooling again.

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