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Visit Linear Automotive for excellent Auto Repair in Plano Texas. Our certified mechanics provide Plano Wiper Blade Repair & replacement services for your vehicle. Linear Automotive provides quality auto maintenance services and repairs. We will also check your wiper blades to be sure they are in great working condition. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive.

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The American Optometric Association reports that ninety percent of all driving decisions are based on visual cues. Without a clear unobstructed view through your windshield those visual cues will be obscured. When you come in for the maintenance service or if you are here for a repair, we can check all the wiper blades. Even though the inspection seems unnecessary, it is vitally important and a safety factor that good wiper blades are on your auto at all times. Not only for during storms to push the rain aside, but for after a storm when a truck may splash mud on your windshield. It’s an unexpected moment in time where it’s vitally important to have proper working windshield wipers, so mud doesn’t obscure your view even for a second.

One simple, but yet valuable safety component, are the wiper blades. These should always be replaced before they fail. Weather contributes to the wear and deterioration of wiper blades. Cold weather freezes the blades causing brittleness and hardening of the blades and hot weather warps the rubber blades. Weather varies a great deal during the year, so depending on what you have to deal with weather wise for the upcoming season, will help dictate the type of blades your require to keep a clear view on your windshield.

It’s best to replace the wiper blades twice a year to match the weather pattern. For the fall and winter months there are specialized winter blades that do not get clogged with ice and snow. Then in the spring time there are wiper blades that move heavy rains from your windshield quickly and clean any mud that might fly into your windshield view. It’s easy to identify when you need new wiper blades. If you are in a rain storm and they leave a streak or multiple streaks across your windshield, it’s time to replace.

Sometimes they might make a chattering noise as they skip cross the windshield with an irregular curve due to sitting in the hot sun causing warping. Sometimes when they get old the rubber gets rounded edges so they no longer clean properly. The rubber can also split from the ultraviolet sun rays and deteriorate so much that they actually fall apart. Sometimes these blades even fall off the wiper frame so that the metal sits directly onto the window and can cause scratching of the glass windshield. Car washes and ice scrapers can also bend the wiper frames, so then the best replacement is to get a wiper with a new metal frame included.

Windshields today are more aerodynamic and have a greater slope, and if you are in a windy area, this wind is directed more against the wipers and can force them to lift away from the windshield at high speeds, so a wiper blade system that resists lift is required to keep the windshield wipers on the windshield at all times for these types of vehicles. Linear Automotive can also check your headlight wipers and back window wipers to be sure they are all properly working too and that the wiper blades have not deteriorated. We welcome you to stop in for any repairs or maintenance services, and while you are here if you need wiper blades, we can help you with properly fitting blades. You can schedule an appointment online or just give us a call. We are here to keep your auto in top condition with our state of the art Plano Auto Repair Shop.

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Call us at 972-633-2201