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Call Linear Automotive for clutch repair and replacement in Plano, Texas. We offer top service when you need a certified auto mechanic in Plano TX. Driving a manual shifting car takes practice and with skill the clutch can last a long time. Once the clutch finally does wear down bring your vehicle by Linear Automotive so our certified mechanics can service it. We also provide transmission fluid flush services as well so bring your automobile in when it’s ready. Give us a call or come by for an estimate and find out why more people choose us.

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When your clutch is having problems, let Linear Automotive provide clutch repair or replacement. There is less wear when there is smooth shifting. Some drivers may be harsher on the shifting with less coordination between the foot pedal and the shifting gear handle. It’s a skill learned and improved upon over time. Either way eventually the gears wear down and may feel spongy, which is an early sign of a worn clutch. Another symptom of clutch wear may be visible damages and wear to the clutch if you look under the inspection cover located at the bottom of the bell housing. If you are in reverse or first gear it may have more trouble shifting smoothly. If it causes a shaking sensation, then there is enough wear to call it a bad clutch. A failing clutch can also have a burning smell caused by the clutch slippage.

Also all grease, oil, lube and petroleum based products must be kept away from the disc friction materials. When contaminated with petro products it may cause the clutch to chatter, slippage, improper operation and premature wear. There are a few main components in a clutch repair. There is the throw-out bearing, flywheel and the clutch disc and pressure plate. Other components that might be worn include clutch forks, shaft collars, slave / master cylinders and more. Most of the time, all main parts are replaced at the same time for best results. The clutch parts usually come in a kit for full replacement so there is a matching pressure plate with the disc. Changing out a clutch can be dangerous since the transmission must be removed to get to it, and is much easier and safer when completed with a lift.

We never mix brands and only use OEM products for best performance and lifespan. Hydraulic clutches must also be adjusted with special tools for best results. After the new clutch is installed there is usually a break-in procedure supplied by the manufacturer for the new clutch assembly to properly seat-in the friction material. Linear Automotive is fully equipped with state-of-art equipment and tools for quality repairs, efficiency, and safety in mind. We can have your vehicle clutch replaced and back in commission in a reasonable time. Our affordable pricing will provide you with the best repairs, best OEM parts, and best technicians available for your vehicle repair. We also offer factory scheduled maintenance services to keep your vehicle tuned up and to prevent any potential problems before they get serious.

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