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Call the pros at Linear Automotive for certified Auto Repair in Plano, Texas. Our experts offer Plano Fuel Injection Cleaning Service by fast & friendly mechanics. Linear Automotive provides top quality maintenance services and repairs. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive.

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When the fuel injection system becomes dirty or clogged, it will show signs of low performance due to contaminants, age, and using low grade fuels. A buildup of carbon can occur in the fuel injection system and eventually results in compromised engine function. It can have symptoms of hard starting, poor gas mileage, or even knocking noises. These are just a few of the issues that can be resolved with a fuel injector cleaning service.

Today, autos are built with a fuel injection system which eliminates the need for a carburetor. The fuel injection is composed of small jets delivering a metered mixture of oxygen and fuel into the cylinders of your engine. When a spark plug activates this fuel mixture, it creates combustion and provides the power to move your vehicle forward. As fuel injectors become dirty over time this process can be hindered by not allowing enough fuel into the combustion chamber. The vehicle may experience rough idling or hesitation when accelerating. In extreme cases, the buildup of carbon on the fuel injectors and inside the combustion chamber can possibly cause a  knocking sound from the engine.

The carbon deposits can offset the mixture of fuel and oxygen traveling into the engine causing poor gas mileage and contributing to a failing emissions score. Considering the problems of a clogged fuel injection system, it is sensible to have the fuel injectors cleaned at the recommended interval of about every 20K to 30K miles. Cleaning the fuel injectors can solve rough idling or hesitation and even the knocking of the engine. Having clean fuel injectors can also help extend the life of the engine. The vehicles horsepower and acceleration speed will also be improved with the fuel injector cleaning.

When the fuel injection become clogged, there are only two choices. That is to clean the fuel injectors or replace them. Cleaning is by far the most cost effective. If they are subjected to long term abuse without any service, they can become so clogged they fail and must be replaced. The cost of replacing the injectors can be high as compared to the price of a cleaning. If you are experiencing some side effects of clogged or dirty fuel injectors, and fuel varnish, stop by Linear Automotive so we can check out the injectors to see if the vehicle would benefit from a fuel injection cleaning service.

We clean the fuel injectors by first disconnecting the gas lines going into the engine and then connecting it to a fuel injection cleaning machine. A commercial detergent is then added to the fuel injector cleaning machine. Cleaning takes the machine about 15 minutes. It sends the mixture through the fuel rail to clean the small screens in the fuel injectors. While the engine is running it removes many of the deposits on the valves and inside the combustion chambers including the fuel injectors.

Another fuel injector process that can be used is to remove the injectors and ohm them to factory specifications. Very few are shorted out approximately less than 5%, and cannot be used but must be replaced. These fuel injectors are internally cleaned by an ultrasound pulsing process. The cleaner is pushed through and cleans old sediment, bad gas particulates, rust, and anything that was missed the first time. They are then tested for leaks and have a flow rate test. New o-rings and filters are placed on each fuel injector after cleaning. Linear Automotive can have our ASE certified mechanics check the fuel injectors to see whether a cleaning is necessary so you can enjoy improved fuel economy, acceleration, and a smoother running engine. Call the expert technicians at Linear Automotive when you need affordable fuel injection cleaning in Plano, Texas by certified mechanics.

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