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Linear Automotive provides outstanding Auto Repair in Plano, Texas. Call us when you need replacement for sensors and switches in Plano by certified technicians. Linear Automotive can test and provide sensors and switches repair or replacement that are faulty. The sensors send information to the PCM or (Powertrain Control Module) and when the technician pulls the error codes from his diagnostic equipment it will show the computer inputs from the sensors.

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All sensors provide valuable monitoring information when trying to diagnose a particular problem. If the sensors do not provide a good signal to the PCM then proper fuel mixture balance will not be maintained. This will prevent the sensors from working harmoniously together as they should. The oxygen (O2) sensor controls the fuel injected engines with the proper fuel mixture and is a feedback control loop. When an auto fails the emissions testing most find that they need to replace the O2 sensor. The MAP sensor or absolute pressure sensor is mounted on the intake manifold to monitor the intake vacuum. As the manifold pressure changes the MAP will change the voltage or frequency. This will measure the engine load for the ignition timing and either retard or advance as needed.

Another sensor is the Throttle Position Sensor which is mounted on the throttle shaft of the throttle body and as resistance changes the throttle will open and close. This will control acceleration, deceleration, engine load that will enrich during acceleration and retard the advance ignition timing. The Manifold Air Temperature (MAT) Sensor also mounted on the intake manifold and monitors incoming air temperature, which then adjusts the fuel mixture for changes in air density. The Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) is mounted in front of the throttle body on the multiport fuel injected engines. These sensors can easily be plugged and contaminated causing rough idle, hard starting, stalling problems or hesitation.

The Vane Airflow Sensor or (VAF) for multiport fuel injected engines is the same as the MAF but uses a spring loaded flap that moves a rheostat for an electronic signal. If the VAF is bad it has the same symptoms as the MAF. The Crankshaft Position Sensor for ignition systems with no distributor. If this sensor has failed the engine will die, or not start since it will not provide the timing signal. The Barometric Pressure (BARO) Sensor measures the barometric pressure which affects fuel mixture or timing. There is also the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) for regulating the torque converter clutch lockup, shifting and more. If this sensor is bad it can disable the cruise-control system and affect the transmission shifting and converter engagement. Switches that may need repair or replacement include the door switch, ignition switch, power window switch and the steering column switches and more. Linear Automotive can test and replace any of the sensors and /or switches that have failed or are malfunctioning. Our repairs are completed in a timely manner by our professional ASE certified mechanics.

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