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Come by Linear Automotive for amazing Auto Repair in Plano TX. We can provide certified services for fuel filter repair, replacement, and service in Plano. Be sure to ask about other services like fuel pumps, fuel injection cleaning, fuel lines, throttle body, and much more. Our ASE certified technicians at Linear Automotive provide top maintenance services and repairs. We have the knowledge and skills to diagnose and repair any mechanical auto problems that it may have. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive.


In approximately 2004 the fuel filters moved from an easily accessible underside of the vehicle to an in the gas tank version. Some fuel filters are attached to the fuel pump and some fuel filters are separate from the fuel pump and can be purchased separately. To gain access to the gas tank fuel filter can be accomplished by dropping the gas tank. Today, the preferred is access under one of the passenger seats, but some access might be in the trunk. These fuel filters are seldom on the maintenance schedule anymore. It is however recommended to replace them at about 100K miles. Fuel pumps from years ago had clamps to hold them to the fuel lines, which only had about 5psi of pressure. Today, the fuel pressure is about 10 times greater than in the past so clamps are no longer useful in this situation. The fuel filter uses a high pressure snap lock system. If there is damage to the fuel line, the whole line must be replaced due to the pressure that requires a specialized system line.

Fuel pressure pushes the fuel through the fuel filter. The fuel filter line goes directly from the fuel pump to the fuel injectors. So if the fuel filter gets clogged up the fuel injectors will receive less fuel. This will result in symptoms such as the fuel pump not providing enough volume to the fuel injectors. Low fuel volume results in reduced power, misfire, staling or hesitation. When the vehicle is under a load or an incline, the problem shows up as losing power. Eventually, a clogged fuel filter can cause the fuel pump to fail prematurely.

Checking the computer diagnostics isn’t helpful for a clogged fuel filter, because it does not have a direct engine light indicator associated with it. It can show up in different ways. It may show up in related scanner codes such as a lean code since the fuel injector is not receiving enough fuel. It may also show up as an oxygen sensor or mass air flow problem. However, the key is when the auto is under load or on an incline. When use is not stressed the car may run fine on a flat surface. Sometimes a fuel filter will mimic transmission problems such as the transmission not shifting at all or may shift erratically. Pushing on the gas pedal will result with no increased speed.

Using quality fuel will extend the life of the fuel filter, fuel pump and fuel injectors. External fuel filters are recommended to be replaced from about 45K to 60K miles. However, the in tank fuel filter should go about 100K miles before replacement. Bad contaminated fuel with water quickly ruins the fuel pump. Replacing it will extend the life of the fuel system. Linear Automotive will sort out the details and any error codes to determine the cause of the problem. Our certified auto repair mechanics are up to the challenge to determine your vehicle’s problem. Just stop in or give us a call to schedule an appointment for your auto. We provide quality work for reasonable prices.

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