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When you need Certified Auto Repair in Plano Texas contact Linear Automotive. Our expert mechanics offer Plano Serpentine Belt Repair Services for your car. To keep your auto in premium condition, Linear Automotive can provide your recommended maintenance interval services and repairs to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive. Give us a call or come by for an estimate when you need serpentine belt repair in Plano, Texas.


One of the top failures leaving a person stranded by the roadside is the serpentine belt breaking in the engine compartment. The serpentine belt drives many accessories such as the power steering pump giving your power steering function, the water pump which cools the engine, the compressor supporting the air conditioner function as well as other accessories.

If the serpentine belt breaks, you will not be able to steer easily or drive anywhere, and many of the red warning lights will come on at once indicating major problems. The engine will almost immediately indicate a hot warning light for your engine which will become immediately excessively hot or a meltdown. It will all happen nearly at once and you will need to pull to the side of the road and stop. The biggest problem is that the engine will overheat because the water pump will no longer work to cool the engine. Because of overheating, the engine may possibly have major repairs. In order to get it fixed and back on the road, give us a call, so that it can be towed to our shop. We can set up a rental car and have it ready for you. So prevention is the best solution to averting an engine melt down. Linear Automotive is here to prevent such a crisis and is able to change your serpentine belt anytime or when you come in for your maintenance service. Even if you didn’t make it this far before it broke, we can still help you through this dilemma and fix your auto back to peak performance again.

The serpentine belt gets its name because it winds around many pulleys that support accessories in a snake like shaped pattern. The pulleys that it may wrap around are the power steering, alternator, water pump, air conditioner, etc. Each vehicle brand, model and year can be different in the belt configuration pattern. Your auto usually has a serpentine pattern stamped in the engine compartment under the hood near the belt area. Typically, when you bring in your auto to Linear Automotive for maintenance services, the belts will always be checked for cracking, chipping, shiny from slippage or oil leaks from oil or coolant that may drip on the belts. Sometimes belts will squeal while the engine is running indicating that the belt is slipping. At times belts can be too loose, hardened from age and weather, or just too old or even got contaminated from the engine area, which can cause the slippage squealing noises due from not being able to grip the pulley properly.

Today’s autos use a hydraulic tensioner for the belt that will continuously apply the proper tension for the belt to grip the pulleys. With this type there are fewer noise reminders that it is time to replace the belts. However, you may be able to hear dry bearings from the hydraulic tensioner. The older style has a mechanic tensioner where it is necessary to have the belt tensioner manually tightened periodically. Our certified technicians will use special tools to remove the tension, so the belt can be removed correctly. They know your autos pulley system and the serpentine pattern to route the belt for proper replacement. When your crankshaft is spinning at 3000 rpm the tensioners are spinning at 6000rpm because they are about half the size. These hydraulic tensioners need replacement at the same time as the belts. Linear Automotive will let you know the type of tensioners and whether they need replacement with your serpentine belt. Linear Automotive believes in diligent preventative maintenance. It is the best way to keep the vehicle in excellent running condition and preserves your investment in your auto. Give us a call or come by for an estimate when you need quality serpentine belt repair in Plano, Texas and all surrounding areas.

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