Acura Repair Service in Richardson Texas

We offer expert Acura repair services to Richardson, Texas. Our certified Acura mechanic shop services & repairs all models for Richardson residents. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people from Richardson choose to do business with Linear Automotive. We are often referred to as an Acura dealer alternative due to our lower labor rates and quality services. We make every effort to bring your vehicle back to the performance level characteristic of such a stylish driving machine. The pursuit of technology and new standards of performance in Acura repair technology is not just our job it is our passion.

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Certified Acura Repair Service

Acura Repair Service Specialists

When you require a Richardson Acura repair mechanic come by our shop and find out why so many people have come to rely on our state of the art facility. Customer education and understanding is an important part of the relationship with our customers. We want to be very clear about the work we estimate and propose, including what we recommend for your Acura before we do the work, what your service options are, and thorough explanations and guaranteed satisfaction after we complete the repairs.

Acura Service in Richardson Texas

People, who need quality Acura service in Richardson Texas, often turn to the experts at Linear Automotive. Our specialist technicians are ASE certified mechanic technicians or I-Car certified Body Shop technicians providing professional workmanship repairs.

Acura Mechanic Services in Richardson

Linear Automotive provides full service Acura mechanic services in Richardson. Our certified ASE technicians are frequently engaged in continuing certified ASE courses providing training in the latest new mechanic service techniques and new technologies, since new auto mechanic services is an ever changing field and escalating in technology skills that have now become a requirement. We provide all mechanic shop repairs, there are none too difficult for us to handle. Some general mechanic shop repairs include wheel alignments, water pump replacement, timing belt(s), belts and hoses, steering and suspension, transmission and clutch repairs. All Acura repairs are available by our qualified certified ASE technicians.

Acura Body Shop in Richardson TX

In a collision sometimes the mechanical systems can also be damaged along with body damages. Our Acura body shop in Richardson Tx offers top quality auto body shop service and mechanic shop services. We help file your claim, and work with all insurance companies. We also set up rental cars for all our customers. Since our mechanics shop is under the same roof, we can have any mechanical damages repaired almost simultaneously while the body shop repairs are being completed, saving our customers both time and money.

Our repair process begins by either fixing or removing the damaged Acura side panels. Any mechanical repairs are completed while the panels are removed. After the dented panels are repaired, we put them back onto the vehicle, and then move it to the paint shop, where the paint is matched and sprayed in our Accudraft paint booth. Our certified technicians reassemble the headlights, test the wheel alignment, attach the mirrors, etc. Finally, we have an experienced quality control technician check it over completely for any imperfections. Once it passes this point, our quality control inspector then gives it a test drive to be sure everything is working properly and it is back in top pre-accident condition. Linear Automotive is a full service modern and up to date center that includes both a collision and a mechanical repair center. Rather than sending your Acura to another shop for part of the accident repairs, we can do it all for you. We even offer glass replacement. All of our body shop repairs come with a written Lifetime Warranty.

Maintenance Minder Oil Life and Acura Service in Richardson Texas

From 2007 and newer the Acura service in Richardson Texas no longer uses the typical factory scheduled maintenance oil change schedule based on mileage. All Acura’s come with a Maintenance Minder system. It’s a smart computer that calculates the remaining engine oil life. It also tracks the transmission fluids, filters, spark plugs, coolant, timing belt (if equipped with one), and differential fluid and synchronizes these services with one of the oil change services. Under various driving conditions, whether normal or under high temperatures and tracking rpm or lower temperatures for short trips, the hi-tech computer calculates the remaining oil life and displays this on the dashboard lighting system. The computer then will combine other preventative inspection services at the same time to keep the service appointments to a minimum. Linear Automotive will be glad to assist you with your Maintenance Minder services. Our skilled technicians are prepared to handle all the Acura check-ups from inspections to factory maintenance services. Give us a call or stop on in, we will be glad to assist you with your Acura care.

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