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When you need a dependable certified mechanic for automotive strut repair service in Plano, Texas call the experts at Linear Automotive for a free estimate. Linear Automotive can inspect and provide replacement of your struts or any other component in the suspension system by our certified ASE® technicians. Our knowledgeable experts are experienced in all automobile repairs, maintenance and services at reasonable prices. When you need quality strut repair by a certified mechanic in Plano, Texas give us a call for a free estimate. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive.

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The struts support the automotive body frame and add to the stability of the vehicle. The strut is not a single part, but an assembly or combination of suspension components for providing a smooth ride. The strut assembly in the front end also includes steering components. It has a similar function as the shock absorber which is to keep the vehicle steady over bumps. The strut function is to further dampen any rough bouncing over bumps that an auto may have and smooths out the ride. Components include coil springs, ball joints, seats, bearing plate and strut bearings, steering knuckle with lower ball joint and a cartridge shock absorber. Most vehicles use struts on all four corners of the vehicle. The strut can be coiled around the shock absorber so it looks like a spring with a cartridge inside it. This would be mounted to the steering knuckle and then attached to the top of the engine compartment or strut tower.

Symptoms of strut suspension problems are accelerated tire wear because it also affects the wheel alignment. Another problem is a vehicle that sways too much over an uneven road or high speeds. Other symptoms include hopping on a bumpy or rough road. Extra motion eventually gets to the point where it becomes uncontrollable. Struts can also leak hydraulic fluids. They can squeak and make noises when they become worn out. Linear Automotive has ASE certified automotive mechanics that can examine your suspension system and determine the best solution to your swaying, bouncy or even noisy ride. If left too long, it can become an unsafe situation with the vehicle rolling, swaying, or even bouncing out of control.

There are a few simple tests to determine whether your struts need replacement. When you come to a stop, if the nose of the vehicle dives down, it is a sign of worn out struts. Another test is to drive on a bumpy road and check turning corners too. If the underside thumps, rattles, sways, or has difficulty turning, then the struts are probably on the menu for replacement. After stopping turn the engine off and try to bounce the front end of the vehicle. If it bounces more than three times, it is probably time to replace the struts. The vehicles strut assembly and suspension assembly should be checked about once a year. Linear Automotive provides factory scheduled interval maintenance and services for suspension systems and also offers affordable repairs. It’s best to have our certified mechanics examine your suspension problems so we can determine the problem and get it repaired properly. Give us a call or come by for an estimate at our auto repair shop in Plano, Texas when you need quality strut repair or replacement at our auto repair shop in Plano, Texas.

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