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Contact Linear Automotive for Auto Repair in Plano, Texas. Our certified mechanics provide Plano Engine Timing Belt repair services for many makes and models. Linear Automotive is a dealer alternative that can provide all maintenance, services and repairs at reasonable prices. Our professional repairs are provided by top quality certified ASE® technicians that are knowledgeable experts and experienced in all automobile repairs. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people do business with Linear Automotive. Give us a call when you need timing belt repair in Plano, Texas and all surrounding areas or click the “Get An Estimate” button to find out how much our services run for your vehicle. We look forward to helping you.


Linear Automotive is adept at replacing your timing belt or timing chain, also known as the engine belt. Some autos have a timing belt or timing chain and a few have a timing gear. The timing chains have a fixed recommended factory replacement interval of about 100K miles, while the timing belts need replacement between 60K miles and 90K miles depending on make, model and year.

The timing belts are made of rubber with hi-tensile fibers or threads running the length of the belt to strengthen it. The timing belt is not likely to just snap but instead it is more likely to wear out. The symptoms of wear include large amounts of exhaust, the auto shaking or vibrating, the engine could just stop or shut down while driving, difficulty getting the engine started or if it does start it might sound abnormally fast. Once a new timing belt is installed, it needs to have the tensioner set precisely correct. If it is too loose the belt can flop, which will cause unneeded wear and lots of noise. If the belt is adjusted too tightly, the engine will need to work harder and may cause a whining noise. Linear Automotive can provide top quality installation of your timing belt and proper adjustment for engine timing. The timing belts are synchronized in much the same way as the timing chains.

Since the timing chains can stretch, they will occasionally need adjustment and lubrication. The timing chain connects the camshaft to the crankshaft which is synchronized with the pistons opening, firing and closing cycle. Timing chains tend to create a bit more noise than the rubberized belts or composites. They also require a timing belt cover made of metal or polymer that protects it from other engine compartment fluids, and weather elements such as rocks, mud, snow and dirt. Not all engines are interference engines. However, if you have an interference engine, it is imperative to change the belts per the factory recommended schedule. If it should happen to break, it would cause severe damages to your engine. An Interference engine is made where the pistons and valves share the same space in the cylinder, but at different times. When the timing belt breaks the valves collide with the pistons and it all becomes a very expensive mess. Timing belts more often break during starting the engine or shutting down the engine, which is the time with the most tension on the belt.

Sometimes the timing belt also drives the water pump. If this is the case for your vehicle, then it is best to go ahead and replace the water pump at the same time. It will save money in the long run. Timing belts usually go through a series of pulleys and have self contained hydraulic timing tensioner that keeps the proper tension continuously at all rpm ranges. When the belt is replaced then the pulleys and belt tensioners should be replaced at the same time too, since they are the same age and mileage as the belts. Linear Automotive is tops when it comes to maintenance services and repairs. Our certified ASE® technicians are skilled, educated and are experience. We can provide all your belt and timing belt replacements, water pump and any pulleys that need replacement at very reasonable prices. To replace the belts and timing belt per the maintenance interval is insurance from getting stranded by the side of the road. Give us a call when you need timing belt repair in Plano, Texas and all surrounding areas.

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