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Do you need alternator repair in Plano, Texas? For quality Auto Repair in Plano by certified mechanics come visit the experienced pros at Linear Automotive. If your auto is not starting and your headlights dim, you may need an alternator repair or replacement. Linear Automotive provides expert service and repairs for your Import & European vehicles. We care for your vehicle like it was our own, going the extra mile to be sure all repairs are done correctly the first time by our expertly trained and ASE certified technicians.

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Linear Automotive’s certified mechanic in Plano can make sure your battery is accepting a full charge and that your alternator is charging the battery properly. All cables and wires can be inspected to be sure they are attached firmly with no frayed ends or corrosion. The alternator belt will be checked for proper tension and whether it turns the fan properly and the condition of the belt will be examined to be sure it is not cracked, brittle or glazed with age.

The battery voltage will be reviewed with the engine off and should have a reading of more than 12 volts. However, with the engine on, it should have about 13-14.5 volts at 2,000 RPM, but if it is more than 16-17 volts while the engine is running the regulator is likely bad and is overcharging your battery. Symptoms of a repeatedly overcharged battery include leaking acid, boiling acid leaking out the top. Baking soda and water mixture soaking the area will help neutralize the acid and prevent it from eating away at the metal in the area. We will also check for your engine ground strap, whether it is missing or disconnected, if you are having a number of electrical problems this might also include turning over the starter. Some BMW models have an external ground that could get accidentally disconnected.

Some of the E36 cars have a spring loaded tensioner pulley on the alternator and some of the 3 Series have a rack-and-pinion assembly to adjust the belt tension. The alternator will need to be unbolted but in some vehicles there may be other things in the way such as the cool air guide and air cleaner or other equipment. Depending on the age and condition of the alternator, we can either replace the regulator/brush assembly or replace the alternator with a new one. We will show you the alternator condition and any other problems that we come across when we disassemble any parts getting to the main problem. We will explain the issues of your alternator and recommend the best solution. Linear Automotive offers quality affordable auto repairs by our professional technicians. Give us a call or come by for an estimate when you need alternator repair by a certified auto repair shop in Plano, Texas and all surrounding areas.

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