Lexus Repair Service in Garland Texas

Give Linear Automotive a call when you need a Lexus repair mechanic in Garland Texas. Our certified Lexus service center and repair shop can handle any need your car may have. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people from Garland choose to do business with Linear Automotive. Our technicians undergo ongoing training and certifications to make sure your vehicle is receiving the best attention. We can handle anything from air-conditioning repairs to brake lights, computer diagnostics, electrical repairs or front end suspension. Simply make an appointment or come by our state-of-the-art center and find out why more people choose us for quality Lexus repair.

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Certified Lexus Repair Service

Lexus Mechanical Repair Specialists

Our quality is demonstrated by providing quick solutions to any problems your Lexus may be having. One of our representatives will be happy to go over anything wrong with your vehicle and help you make an educated decision on the best course of action. We offer the best Lexus service and repair in Garland, Texas.

Lexus Service in Garland Texas

Look no further, you found us! We at Linear Automotive offer top quality Import & European Lexus Service in Garland Texas. We are an independently owned dealer alternative offering quality dealership repairs, service and body shop services at very reasonable prices. Because we specialize in Lexus vehicles, you can trust that we understand the intricate inner workings of these luxury vehicles. We at Linear Automotive have a passion for working on all Lexus models, and utilize factory level diagnostic tools and state of the art equipment to accurately identify any mechanical problems. We then repair it back to like new status, so your auto is running smoothly again.

Preventative Factory Scheduled Maintenance Services in Garland, Texas

For most people, buying an auto represents a major financial investment. You can protect your investment by staying on top of your Lexus preventive services. You can extend the life of your Lexus with proper care and, and enjoy its performance and reliability for many years down the road. Linear Automotive can provide all preventative factory scheduled maintenance services and any mechanical repairs. When you bring in your Lexus, our ASE certified technician will inspect all of the belts and hoses. They are essential to the cooling, air conditioning, charging systems and the engine. Without regular inspections a cracked belt might not be seen. However, if one of these breaks, they could leave you stranded.

The timing belt keeps the crankshaft and camshaft mechanically synchronized to maintain engine timing. Whether serpentine, V-belt or fan belt, they all transmit power from the front of the engine to accessories that need to be driven, such as the air conditioning, the battery charging system and fans for engine cooling. Radiator and heat hoses carry coolant to and from the engine, the radiator and heater core. Not all autos use timing belts. Some autos may use one serpentine belt for all accessories, others may use a combination of serpentine and V-belts, while others may use only V-belts. Linear Automotive will have our ASE certified technician carefully check or replace any cracked belts and hoses to be sure your Lexus doesn’t get stuck. Linear Automotive only uses factory certified Lexus OEM parts and fluids in the repairs.

Collision Center Body Shop Repairs in Garland, TX

If you have recently had the unfortunate experience of a collision and need a body shop quickly, give us a call. We a Linear Automotive have specialized high-tech equipment and certified ASE certified technicians that will handle the repairs putting you and your Lexus back on the road again. Our certified technicians perform the complex structural, body and refinish work required to meet industry standards. If your auto also has mechanical damage, we can have our ASE certified mechanics repair it for you. Linear Automotive has a highly qualified craftsman body shop and service center. They both are located in-house and can provide service in all mechanical repairs and body shop repairs, saving you time and money.

Call us at 972-633-2201

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Call us at 972-633-2201