Lexus Repair Service in Frisco Texas

When you need a qualified Lexus repair mechanic in Frisco give us a call. Our certified Lexus service center and repair shop will handle all your needs. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people from Frisco choose to do business with Linear Automotive. We are both affordable and accurate when it comes to working on European cars. We handle most late models and will demonstrate our devotion to your full satisfaction. We utilized all the latest techniques tools and technology to get your car repaired quickly and accurately. We work with all insurance companies so if you have been in an accident and need Lexus collision repair services give us a call. From a small fender bender to a full major collision repair we are able to handle your vehicles needs.

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Certified Lexus Repair Service

Lexus Mechanical Repair Specialists

There are many Lexus services that fall under regularly scheduled maintenance. Some of those may be oil changes, brake service, tune ups such as spark plugs, air filters, fuel injection cleaning and so on. We are a full service Lexus repair shop able to provide services for all your car’s needs. Schedule an appointment online or call and find out why more people in Frisco choose us for quality Lexus repair.

Lexus Service in Frisco Texas

Our ASE certified technicians at Linear Automotive can provide your Lexus Service in Frisco Texas area. We are Import & European auto experts and passionate about servicing your luxury auto. We are a full service center offering auto services, mechanical system repairs and collision repairs. We are an independently owned company dealer alternative and provide dealership services at reasonable independent prices.

ASE Certified Technician Training in Frisco, TX

Our ASE certified technicians will provide quality workmanship on your Lexus. They frequently are engaged with additional training classes to keep their knowledge up-to-date in the latest technologies, computer diagnostics, the latest vehicles, new approved equipment, tools and repair procedures. We utilize factory-level diagnostic tools. All our repairs only use OEM certified parts or Genuine Lexus parts to handle all of your automotive needs. We handle oil changes and brake repairs, to major repairs, and we can help restore your Lexus to peak performance condition again.

Maintenance Services in Frisco, Texas

It’s important to take time out and bring your Lexus in for the factory schedule maintenance intervals. They may seem a bother, but taking it to a certified repair and maintenance center is much easier than the possible damage that could occur without them. We at Linear Automotive can provide your Lexus the service intervals. We work exclusively on Import & European vehicles, so we are familiar with the requirements of your Lexus. Our ASE certified mechanics provide excellent repairs utilizing the latest technology diagnostics, tools and the OEM certified parts to make your Lexus run smoothly like new again. One of the services is to complete a power steering flush. Our ASE certified technicians will use a Lexus approved powerful cleaner to dissolve gum and varnish in your car’s power steering unit. Next, we will flush old, worn-out, contaminated fluid and install fresh, new fluid fortified with a special antioxidant and anti-wear ingredients to prevent expensive mechanical failure.

Collision / Body Shop Repairs in Frisco Texas

Vehicles today are built with special engineered features that are designed to protect you and your family in the event of an impact such as air bags. These features can also be built into the frame of the vehicle. When repairing these vehicles, it is important that the correct procedures and materials are used, so that those same safety features will perform properly in case of another impact. As certified collision repair professionals, our specialized equipment, state of the art facilities and approved equipment, frame adjusters, and expertise of the ASE certified technicians ensure proper repairs that not only look great, but will provide protection and safety in the advent of another collision. Our number one priority in repairing your vehicle is safety for you and your family.

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