Infiniti Repair Services in The Colony TX

If you are in The Colony Texas and need Infiniti repair check out linear automotive. Our certified and Infiniti repair shop features mechanics to service all models and years. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people from The Colony choose to do business with Linear Automotive. We specialize in European and foreign cars. Our cutting-edge technology gives us the ability to utilize advanced computer diagnostics which will quickly analyze and find any problems your Infiniti maybe having. Be sure to ask about our multipoint inspections and factory scheduled maintenance program which will help keep your Infiniti running smoothly for many miles to come. We are sometimes referred to as an Infiniti dealer alternative for the colony due to our outstanding customer service advanced automotive repair capabilities and affordable pricing.

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Certified Infiniti Repair Service

Infiniti Mechanical Repair Specialists

By utilizing by utilizing the latest in computer technology we are able to analyze problems and get your car back on the road quickly. If you’ve been in an accident be sure to ask about our full-service collision repair center that handles the smallest of accidents all the way up to a major collision. Call or stop by our complete service center and find out why more people choose us for Infiniti repair in The Colony, Texas.

Infiniti Service in The Colony Texas

Quality Infiniti Service in The Colony Texas can be found at Linear Automotive. We are known as the certified Import & European specialists providing quality workmanship for your Infiniti. We are an independent repair shop and body shop owned and operated. We have the reputation as being the dealer alternative offering dealership services at very reasonable prices. Linear Automotive is a certified hi-tech mechanical repair shop and body shop. We at Linear Automotive have invested immensely in specialized tools, new computer diagnostics and additional equipment, so our ASE® certified auto repair technicians can perform an outstanding job in repairing your Infiniti. Our ASE® certified auto repair technicians frequently take additional training classes to keep on top of the ever changing new automotive technologies, requiring new computer diagnostics knowledge, and new repair techniques.

Preventative Factory Scheduled Maintenance Services in The Colony Texas

For Infiniti autos 2013 and older a recommended scheduled maintenance at 90,000 miles might look like this: Oil and filter change, tire rotation, lubricate all locks/hinges, replace engine air filter, replace in-cabin Micro filter, replace engine coolant (drain & fill), multi-point inspection, balance 4 wheels, engine control analysis, throttle body cleaning, install fuel system treatment, and transmission service (drain & fill).

The inspection points that are performed at the time of the oil change would likely cover: All lights, axle and suspension parts, battery fluid level and clean terminals, brake lines and cables, brake fluid level and condition, brake calipers, pads, and rotors, clutch fluid and condition, drive shaft boots, engine drive belts, exhaust system, front suspension ball joints, fuel lines and connections, fuel tank vapor vent system hoses, horn operation, power steering fluid top off, propeller shaft (4WD/AWD), radiator hoses, shock absorbers and struts, steering gear and linkage, steering linkage ball joints, washer fluid top off, and wiper blades.

As you can see there are a lot of items that are checked and services performed to ensure your Infiniti is safe and running properly. It’s also easier to see that all these inspections and top offs are important to the longevity of your Infiniti and protects your investment. Linear Automotive can perform all your factory scheduled maintenance services and help you keep your auto in good shape. If you do have a major mechanical problem, we can quickly diagnose it and provide the repairs, so you can get back on the road again.
Collision Repair Center in The Colony, TX

Linear Automotive body shop welcomes dings, dents, and full body collision autos. Our certified body shop performs state of the art repairs in our hi-tech facility. We bring body frames back to factory specifications with our structural repair and measuring equipment to be sure your vehicle is dimensionally correct. Accurate structural repair is essential for the proper fit of exterior body panels and alignment of critical steering and suspension components. There’s not much room for any deviation to keep it within factory tolerances for all the pieces to fit back together properly. Linear Automotive certified auto repair technicians provide top quality body repairs on your Infiniti. Your body shop repairs carry a Lifetime Warranty.

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