Infiniti Repair Service in Lucas Texas

Linear Automotive is a certified Infiniti service center for people in Lucas, Texas who need an Infiniti repair mechanic. Our certified Infiniti mechanic services include factory scheduled maintenance regular automotive repairs, as well as full-service collision repair services. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people from Lucas choose to do business with Linear Automotive. Our Infiniti auto body shop and take care of small dents or dings as well as major accidents. Our state-of-the-art Infiniti service center has all the latest tools and technology and equipment to perform accurate services on your vehicle. If you are in Lucas, Texas and searching for a qualified mechanic you will be very pleased with Linear Automotive.

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Certified Infiniti Repair Service

Infiniti Mechanical Repair Specialists

Our representatives give the very best customer service and communicate well to make sure you are understanding what is going on with your vehicle. We handle many services for Infiniti including air conditioning, breaks, clutches, computer diagnostics, front end services, fuel injection cleaning, power brakes and steering, radiators, springs and suspension, water pumps, timing chains and much more.

Infiniti Service in Lucas Texas

Linear Automotive is known for its advanced quality workmanship for Import and European autos. We provide excellent Infiniti Service in Lucas Texas and area. We are in independent repair shop and known as a dealer alternative providing dealership services at independent prices. Our ASE® certified auto repair technicians are key to our superior quality repairs.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance Services and Oil Changes in Lucas, Texas

The filters in your Infiniti should be checked according to the factory scheduled maintenance recommendations as part of your auto normal wear components. The filters and fluids should be replaced on a regular basis and depends on mileage, driving habits, road conditions, and vehicle filter types. Symptoms that might occur are poor gas mileage, hesitation when accelerating, and unwanted odors inside your auto. The dashboard light will come on for what needs attention. Unless you notice a problem, these will be checked when the various systems are inspected during the factory scheduled maintenance services. Below are the filters included in your factory scheduled maintenance service inspections:

The oil filter collects contaminates from entering the engine and cools the engine. This should be replaced at 3,750 (3 months) miles or 5,000 miles (6 months) depending on your model, age of the vehicle and the last time there was an oil change completed. The fuel filter prevents containments from interfering with the operation of the auto’s carburetor or fuel injection system. Air filters are used in the automotive filter system to keep particles of dirt from damaging the engine’s cylinders, pistons, and piston rings. In vehicles that have a fuel injection system the air filter also prevents containments from adversely affecting the airflow sensor. Finally, the cabin filter provides comfort from outdoor smells, dangerous exhaust gases, pollen, dust, and bacteria from entering the ventilation system.

Body Shop Repair Center in Lucas, TX

If you are in an accident or are taken when you were away by the mystery driver causing the parking lot bumper crunch, call us at Linear Automotive first! We are happy to discuss the options available with or without insurance. When your insurance company refers you to “their” shops, which is the shop your insurance company has partnered with to streamline costs. Linear Automotive is a completely independent repair shop and we avoid these relationships in order to be able to provide the highest quality repairs and factory certified OEM parts. Your original warranty, if still in effect, will be maintained. We repair your Infiniti to factory standard specifications and safety standards. Our body work comes with a Lifetime Warranty.

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