Need Audi Repair Service in Murphy Texas?

When seeking the best certified Audi repair in Murphy, Texas check out Linear Automotive. We are only minutes away! For Murphy Audi mechanical services you will find our full automotive service center has the best offerings at affordable prices. Outstanding service and affordable prices are just two of many reasons people from Murphy choose to do business with Linear Automotive. Our state of the art facility is only minutes away centrally located at Hwy 75 & George Bush Turnpike. We offer all recommended and suggested Audi routine manufacturer maintenance and services, as well as tune-ups, brake services, emissions and exhaust services, shocks, cooling system repair, transmission repair, and major engine overhaul or replacement. Because of our ability to quickly and correctly repair your Audi the first time, we are always prepared to help you with your mechanical needs as quickly as you need our services.

Why drive a few minutes from Murphy?

Our customers say they don't mind the short drive because we're a family owned independent shop. They want peace of mind that their Audi is repaired to factory specs by our experienced and certified technicians. 

Automotive Multi-Point Inspection Service in Plano Texas

Free Pit Stop

Bring your European model in for a complimentary mechanical and safety inspection to ensure that everything is working properly. Our free inspection / pit stop service includes inspecting and topping off all fluids, inspecting and leveling tire pressure, and visually checking brake pads, belts, hoses, wipers, lights, battery, and air filter. *Does not include computer diagnostics or scans, check engine lights, or mechanical / electronic systems requiring scanning tools. Valid for European models only. Call us for details at 972-633-2201

Brake Service Plano Texas

$50 Off Brake Service

Have an expert service your European model brake pads, lines, calipers, & rotors. Don’t wait for your brake pads to wear down completely. Come by today. Taxes and fees not included. Must be presented at time of write up. Not valid with any other special or offer. Call us for details at 972-633-2201.

Free Battery Check

Free Battery Check

Have the battery inspected by our ASE certified master mechanic. Get 10% off battery replacement and labor. Taxes and fees not included. Must be presented at time of write up. Not valid with any other special or offer. Call us for details at 972-633-2201.

European Sedan Detail Service Plano

Full Sedan Detail

Our experts will wash and detail your European model sedan. Taxes & fees not included. Call us for details at 972-633-2201.

SUV Detail

Full SUV Detail

Get your European SUV washed and detailed by our experts. Call us for details at 972-633-2201.

4 wheel alignment

4 Wheel Alignment

Get all 4 wheels aligned on your European model. Taxes and fees not included. Call us for details at 972-633-2201.

Call us at 972-633-2201

Certified Audi Repair Service

Certified Audi Repair Shop Specialists

Finding a Murphy Audi repair mechanic is made easy by simply contacting Linear Automotive. We are only minutes away and offer affordable services for your vehicle. Tune ups, oil changes, fuel injection cleaning, collision repair services, factory scheduled maintenance, and just about everything else you need is provided at affordable prices. This is why we are referred to as an Audi dealer alternative. Come by and find out why we are so popular for certified Audi repair in Murphy, TX.

Audi Service in Murphy Texas

The finest Audi Service in Murphy Texas is at your certified Import & European shop, Linear Automotive. Our ASE® certified technicians provide the highest quality repairs in the business. We are known as the dealer alternative providing dealership services at very reasonable prices.

Warranty and Factory Scheduled Maintenance Services in Murphy Texas

When your ‘check engine light’ comes on you know it’s time to bring your Audi to a shop for a diagnostic and possibly a repair are you risking your warranty by bringing the car to an independent Audi repair shop instead of directly to the dealership? The answer is no. Any costs not covered under your warranty are also typically much less expensive at an independent repair shop like Linear Automotive. We at Linear Automotive are a local independent Audi repair shop that can handle all your repairs. We only use Genuine Audi parts or factory certified OEM parts and fluids. We always follow Audi factory procedures when performing any repairs. Just stop in at Linear Automotive, we are the best Audi repair service shop in town. We are here and ready to help when you need it.

If you are having braking problems, spongy pedal, or screeching noises, or grinding metal on metal sounds, be sure to let us know at Linear Automotive and we will check it out for you. European vehicle manufacturers and brake experts say that changing the fluid every three to four years can greatly prolong the life of the brake system hydraulic components and improve safety. The fluid level should be checked periodically and topped off to avoid it being too low during your factory schedule maintenance services.

Body Shop Repair Center in Murphy, TX

It’s not a pretty sight when you see a quality Audi twisted, gnarled, dented, and scratched. As long as everyone that was in the auto is fine, then we at Linear automotive don’t worry about it, we just repair it. Our repair process will only repair it back into a safe condition again and undetected of what damage it had before. A major component to the proper repair is our skilled I-Car technicians that utilize the Audi approved equipment and tools to repair or replace the frame, the panels, the parts, and then put it all back together within factory measurement specifications.

The safety features built into the frame and body must be maintained or repaired to meet safety standards or it is replaced, so that if another impact were to occur the safety features would be there to protect you. Our body shop also provides cosmetic repairs, PDR or Paintless Dent Removal, glass repair or replacement, auto body painting, scratch and dent repair, Paintless Dent Repair, bumper replacements and frame straightening and more. If there is anything repairable we can fix it. Linear Automotive is the best Audi body shop in the Murphy area.

Call us at 972-633-2201

Call us at 972-633-2201