Vintage Triumph Motorcycle Services

Get the best vintage Triumph services. The Motorcycle Division of Linear Automotive proudly offers vintage Triumph motorcycle services. Triumph started off as a bicycle company in 1885 that purchased bicycles from Germany in which they branded the bicycle as their own. By 1902 the company produced their first motorcycle using a Belgian Minerva motor. By 1905 the manufacture put out the first motorcycle for the public and in 1907 gained respect amongst racers as they won 2nd and also 3rd place at the motorcycle TT race or Isle of Man. WWII pushes the company forward as the put out 30,000 bikes for allied troops making a 550cc side valve 4 stroke motor that had a 3 speed gearbox that was reliable and carried the name Trusty Triumph.

Please Note: The work we do is extremely high end so the cost for our service is considerable. We mostly service show bikes and collector pieces. If you have a bike that is used daily you may want to check with one of your local shops that may offer a more affordable solution.

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Vintage Triumph Paint & Body Services

At the Motorcycle Division of Linear Automotive our mechanics will give the bike’s paint a rejuvenation. Reflectors, tank badges, and decals an also be reconditioned or replaced. Parts that can be painted in most instances are: gas tank, front fender, rear fender, and the frame while pinstripes. In order to paint the petrol tank it might need to go through the process of: TIG welding, acid etch remover, epoxy primer, MIG welding, interior stripping and more in order to properly prepare the gas tank. Our technicians can chrome or polish the following parts: exhaust pipes, kick stand, reflectors, shocks, handlebars, clutch lever, engine covers, brake levers on a vintage bike.

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Vintage Triumph Models

Triumph First Model
Triumph Second Model
Triumph Model
Triumph Model Roadster
Triumph Model C
Triumph Model TT
Triumph Model H
Triumph Model SD
Triumph Model R
Triumph Model P
Triumph XO
Triumph 2/1, 2/L1
Triumph 6/1
Triumph 2H, 3S, 3SC, 3SE, 3H, 5H, 6S
Triumph Tiger 70
Triumph Tiger 80
Triumph Tiger 90
Triumph 5T Speed Twin
Triumph Tiger 100
Triumph 2HC
Triumph Grand Prix 500 cc OHV
Triumph TR5 Trophy
Triumph TRW500
Triumph 6T Thunderbird
Triumph 3TA or Triumph Twenty One
Triumph 5TA or Triumph Speed Twin
Triumph T90
Triumph T100
Triumph T100A
Triumph T100SS
Triumph T100S Tiger Sports
Triumph T100R Daytona
Triumph T110 Tiger
Triumph TR5T Adventure/Trophy Trail
Triumph TR25W 250
Triumph T100C Trophy
Triumph TR6 Trophy
Triumph TR6C Trophy
Triumph TR7V Tiger
Triumph Terrrier
Triumph Tiger Club
Triumph T120 Bonneville
Triumph Thruxton Bonneville
Triumph T140 Bonneville
Triumph Tina Scooter
Triumph Tigress Scooter
Triumph T140W TSS
Triumph T140D Bonneville Special
Triumph T140E
Triumph T140 TSX
Triumph TS8-1
Triumph Bonneville Executive
Triumph TR65 Thunderbird
Triumph TR7T Tiger Trail
Triumph TR65T Tiger Trail
Triumph T140LE Royal Wedding Bonneville
Triumph T140J Bonneville Silver Jubilee
Triumph T140AV, TR7AV, TSSAV
Triumph TR7VS Tiger Electro
Triumph T140ES Bonneville Electro
Triumph TR6 Thunderbird
Triumph Daytona 600
Triumph TSX8

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