Vintage Gilera Motorcycle Services

Get the best vintage Gilera services. The Motorcycle Division of Linear Automotive proudly offers vintage Gilera motorcycle service. The company Gilera was founded back in 1909 by Giuseppe Gilera who was a mechanic by the time he was 15 years old. When Gilera was 22 he built a motorcycle made from different parts and by 1909 designed his very first bike made entirely by him. He started to receive attention from his bike winning a hill climbing contest and later solved the issues a Harley Davidson owner had with his bike in which the Lawyer who owned the bike backed him financially to produce his own motorcycles.

Please Note: The work we do is extremely high end so the cost for our service is considerable. We mostly service show bikes and collector pieces. If you have a bike that is used daily you may want to check with one of your local shops that may offer a more affordable solution.

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Vintage Gilera Paint & Body Services

The techs at our shop can disassemble the entire bike in order to evaluate which parts need to be painted if necessary. Decals, reflectors, and tank badges can often be replaced. In order to paint the bike, body parts that can be painted include but are not limited to: frame, rear fender, gas tank, front fender, fairings and more while pinstripes will be the last step of the process if called for. The petrol tank will need to be reconditioned by the process of: TIG welding, epoxy primer, interior stripping, MIG welding, acid etch remover and more in order to paint it in some cases.

Vintage Gilera Motorcycle Models

Gilera Milano Taranto
Gilera Saturno
Gilera 500 4
Gilera 124 FL Speciale Strada

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