Vintage Ducati Motorcycle Services

Get the best vintage Ducati services. The Motorcycle Division of Linear Automotive proudly offers vintage Ducati motorcycle services. Ducati started out as a producer of radio components owned by Cavalieri Ducati and his sons Marcello, Bruno, and Adriano. By 1935 their success was good enough for them to build a new factory which was a target for bombing during WWII. A man by the name of Aldo Farinelli started to develop small push rod motors for bicycles called Cucciolos. By 1950 more than 200,000 cucciolos sold in which Ducati started to make their own and put out a 48cc bike at 98 lbs and a top speed of 40 mph that carried a 15mm carburetor getting around 200 mpg. Instead of Cucciolo Ducati started to name their bikes the 55M and 65TL. During the 1960’s Ducati earned its respect in the motorcycle world by producing the fastest 250cc motorcycle of that time.

Please Note: The work we do is extremely high end so the cost for our service is considerable. We mostly service show bikes and collector pieces. If you have a bike that is used daily you may want to check with one of your local shops that may offer a more affordable solution.

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Vintage Ducati Paint & Body Shop Services

When reworking a vintage Ducati motorcycle parts that often need to be painted are: reflectors, decals and tank badges while new pinstripes can be painted on the bike. Other parts that can be painted on the motorcycle are: side covers, rear fender, frame, front fender, fuel tank and more in order to give the bike a new look. Painting the tank can involve epoxy primer, TIG welding, dent removal, acid etch primer, interior stripping, MIG welding, brazing, and sealing the tank in order to have the tank in pristine condition. Parts that can be polished or chromed are: engine covers, exhaust pipes, handlebars, clutch lever, oil tank, brake lever, mirrors, reflectors, racks, shocks, and more.

Vintage Ducati Motorcycle Models

Ducati Cucciolo
Ducati 65 TS
Ducati OHC 98 cc Gran Sport
Ducati 125 Desmo
Ducati Diana
Ducati Scrambler
Ducati Apollo
Ducati Diana Mark 3 Super Sport
Ducati 350 Sebring
Ducati 750 Imola Desmo
Ducati Imoal 200
Ducati 860 GT

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