Vintage Benelli Motorcycle Services

The Motorcycle Division of Linear Automotive proudly offers Vintage Benelli Motorcycle services. Benelli Motorcycles started in 1911 in Italy and is said to be the oldest European motorcycle manufacture that still produces bikes. Benelli started off as just a shop that repaired bicycles and Motorcycles while making parts to fix them. By the year 1919 the company made its first production motorcycle for the public and in 1920 and followed it with the first complete engine made at the factory that was a 75cc two stroke single cylinder engine that was placed into a bicycle frame. In 1921 the manufacturer built the first motorcycle using an in house motor which was 98cc.

Please Note: The work we do is extremely high end so the cost for our service is considerable. We mostly service show bikes and collector pieces. If you have a bike that is used daily you may want to check with one of your local shops that may offer a more affordable solution.

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Vintage Benelli Paint & Body Shop Services

Linear Automotive offers a state of the art paint and body shop in order to paint vintage motorcycles. Our techs can strip down the entire motorcycle to the last bolt to look for rust or damage before repainting if needed. Painting the bike and adding new decals, pinstripes, reflectors, tank badges, and custom designs can also be done in order to make the bike look like new.

In some cases TIG welding, dent removal, acid etch primer, sealing the tank, MIG welding, brazing, epoxy primer, will need to be done. The parts that can be painted are often the frame, rear fender, side covers, front fender, fuel tank and more. Parts that can be chromed or polished can be: oil tank, mirrors, handlebars, shocks, kick stand, engine covers, clutch lever, brake lever, racks and much more.

Vintage Benelli Motorcycle Models

Benelli Monalbero Sport 500
Benelli Type 4 tn
Benelli DOHC 500cc
Benelli Double overhead cam
Benelli Leoncino primo tipo
Benelli 175
Benelli 350cc wards riverside road racer
Benelli Tipo turismo
Benelli 125
Benelli 250cc vintage racer
Benelli Sport single
Benelli 250 sport
Benelli Wards riverside 125
Benelli racing replica
Benelli 60cc
Benelli Wards Benelli
Benelli 125
Benelli tornado 650s
Benelli Leoncino
Benelli 650 tornados
Benelli 250C
Benelli T50
Benelli 2C elettronica
Benelli 250 2C

Call us at 972-633-2201

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