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The body shop at Linear Automotive provides complete professional service for people needing body panel repair in Plano, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, and all surrounding areas.

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When a vehicle is damaged by collision, there are frequently body panels that need repair or replacement. When a door doesn’t open and close or a new panel doesn’t fit properly it’s an indication that the frame is no longer straight. We provide frame straightening with a computerized system that communicates with our straightening rack that will provide proper factory specifications to align the frame. Once the frame is aligned, then the repaired panel should fit properly allowing for easy opening and closing of a door to opening and closing of a window.

If the side body panels smaller and smoother dents, sometimes we can pull out the dent with no damages to the paint by using the Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). Other times there are damaging cuts through the metal panels where we need to tap out the metal to make something we can work with. To start the panel may be removed and cleaned on both sides with soap and water and then another cleaning with a wax/silicone remover before starting.

We then may want to remove the paint with a grinding disc down to the bare metal where the damages are located and slightly beyond the area. Once the paint is removed we can reshape some of the metal and hammer the metal back into shape. We try to access most of the damages from behind, but if needed we will work from the topside with a spot welder to remove the dent. Welding studs can be used in the low areas of the dent and a slide hammer to pull the dent out. High spots can be taken down and then grind off any welding studs unless they are needed for fill.

Next, the bondo body panel filler material is mixed on a mixing board with about 3% hardener to the filler material. It will first be applied with gradual skims filling the dent and then adding a bit more with each sweep of the area. Sometimes graphite powder in black paint is added to the filler to help identify high and low spots in the repair. After the fill dries, we first block sand with a more course grit sandpaper to shape the filler back to a more normal shape. If too much is removed then another coat of filler will allow a better finishing shape. We finish up with a very fine grit block sanding for a smoother finish.

A final phase with finishing putty applied over the worked metal area will need to dry thoroughly. More block sanding starting with course grit sandpaper progressing to finer sandpaper for a better-quality finish. We will paint a guide coat primer at this point and then block sand again removing the uneven layers. Additional finishing layers of paint with a final gloss finish in our Accudraft painting booth for a cleaner and more professional showroom finish. Linear Automotive has professionally trained I-Car® certified technicians that are experienced experts in the field of auto body repairs and painting.

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Linear Automotive is proud to offer the very best certified auto body shop and collision repair center in Plano, TX. Come by and find out why so many people choose us for quality paint & body work. Our certified auto body technicians will provide a level of service that you will come to rely on.

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