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When you need an affordable Mercedes-Benz TuneUp in Plano, Allen, Richardson, Frisco, or McKinney call us at Linear Automotive. Our Import & European specialists can perform your Mercedes Tune-Up. We have ASE certified technicians that can provide top quality maintenance for your vehicle. For the best Mercedes service in Plano come visit our state of the art facility and find out why people all over North Texas are choosing to do business with Linear Automotive.

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Whether your vehicle is an older Mercedes with a carburetor or a newer Mercedes we can provide your tune up or maintenance and services for your vehicle. Traditionally, the tune up is an older term referencing a list of services performed on carburetor engines. Mercedes Tune-Up Plano Richardson Allen McKinney TexasTypical services would include replacing the spark plugs and spark plug wires, the distributor cap and distributor, points, rotor and condenser. It was mandatory to set the timing and adjust the carburetor if you wanted your engine to run smoothly. In 1981 the engine computer unit was put into production on the new autos. This new computer controlled the idle speed and idle mixture and was the beginning of a long list of additional electronic engine monitoring and enhancements.

These days the customer may ask our technician for an engine performance check or if they mention tune up, we will know that there is some performance concern, or emissions concern. Depending on the age of the auto, maintenance schedule followed, and any direct symptoms, we may recommend checking or replacing the spark plugs and ignition wires, possibly cleaning the fuel injectors, checking the sensors and fuses to be sure all are in good condition, and possibly replacing the air filter. If an emission failure is the problem, we will also check the exhaust system. The mass airflow sensor prepares the air to fuel mixture from the information gathered from the ECM and from the fuel sensor. If the engine is running poorly, the fuel sensor may need replacing and may help with the emissions testing and better performance. At this point we would definitely check our diagnostic scanner for any trouble codes for any issues.Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Plano Richardson Allen McKinney Texas

Linear Automotive can provide a tune-up on your older Mercedes carburetor system. On your newer fuel injection system we can provide one of the general maintenance check-ups for the model and year. Other things we can check are to test the compression looking for bad fuel injectors and the manifold intake vacuum. We can also check and top off all fluid levels and examine the quality of the fluids for any potential problems. All hoses will be checked for leaks, cracking and leakage around the clamps, and swelling of the hoses indicating they are deteriorating. All belts will be examined for cracking, checking, brittleness and stretching on both the serpentine and other accessory belts. We may notice the timing chain clicking or clattering as the engine tensioner makes Mercedes-Benz Tune-Up Service Plano Richardson Allen McKinney Texasexcessive noises, which may indicate that the tensioner may need replacement due to dry bearings. At every maintenance schedule we also check the brakes, tires, suspension including the shocks or struts. We will check whether your engine is smoking out the tailpipe, and if it is smoking we will definitely take a closer look at the exhaust system. This smoking will impact your emissions testing so any problem will need to be addressed and taken care of. Also, during the maintenance check-ups we examine all the safety features such as the wipers, horn, lights, air bags, etc. for proper function.

Linear Automotive is your Mercedes one stop shop providing all your maintenance needs at reasonable prices. Our teams of certified ASE® technicians are Import & European specialists and are knowledgeable and experienced in providing quality workmanship in all work completed. Nothing gets past our certified maintenance inspection team, who carefully scrutinizes all maintenance and service items and provides quality services including your typical oil and filter change. Nothing is too difficult for our certified ASE® repair technicians, who are very familiar with all the newest technologies of the Mercedes and know how to care for your Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz TuneUp Plano Richardson Allen McKinney Texas

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If your Mercedes needs a Tune-Up give Linear Automotive a call and we will be glad to schedule an appointment. Our certified mechanics help people who need Mercedes Tune-Ups in Plano, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, The Colony, and all surrounding areas in North Texas.

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