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When you need an affordable Mercedes-Benz synthetic oil change in Plano, Allen, Richardson, Frisco, or McKinney call us at Linear Automotive. We are Import & European specialists and can perform your Synthetic Oil Change and filter change. We have ASE certified technicians that can provide top quality maintenance. Our Mercedes service in Plano is exceptional and we are only minutes away so come visit us and find out why more people in North Texas are choosing to do business with Linear Automotive.

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Mercedes Oil and Filter Change Plano Allen Richardson McKinney Texas

Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic motor oils were first developed for aircraft by Amsoil, Inc., so they could operate at extreme temperatures. In the late 1960’s Mobil branded a synthetic oil technology for ultra-low temperature applications such as the Alaskan region at temperatures at -40 Deg. Celcius. In 1971 the first Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil was created. By 1974 the Mobil synthetic auto engine oils were released to the US Mercedes-Benz Synthetic Oil Change Special Plano Richardson Allen McKinney Texasmarket. At the beginning of the new synthetic oil technology there were few choices, but by the 1990’s the market was flooded with a numerous brands and varieties. The synthetic engine oil, Mobil 1, now comes in a number of original automobile manufactured vehicles.
Some of the benefits of synthetic oils are that synthetic oils flow better than standard oils in the winter times down to extreme cold temperatures of -62 Degrees F. With up to 75% of engine wear occurring during warm-up synthetic oil reduces engine wear by promoting quicker engine warm up. With less friction in the engine there is more horsepower and efficiency, resulting in improved fuel mileage. Synthetic oils also function better at high pressures than standard oil, such as a truck towing a trailer. It is also less likely for any deposits to form or build up as in standard motor oil.

Mercedes hi-tech auto engines require ultra clean quality lubrication for protection against corrosion, and contamination. Quality synthetic oil provides cooling properties to cool the engine, including the pistons, bearings, camshaft, timing gears, and crankshaft and then move the heat down to the oil pan where the oil can cool before returning to the engine. Mercedes Synthetic Oil Change Service Plano Richardson Allen McKinney TexasAny particles are carried to the oil pan magnets and the dirt and grime are carried through the oil filter. Larger particles as a result of friction can damage an engine, so it is imperative to keep the engine clean of particles and dirt. It is reported that particles from 5-20 microns are large enough to harm an engine depending on where it may lodge.

The newer Mercedes gasoline and diesel models come with fully synthetic oil, which is used in the original factory fill. A few diesel models from about 2007 and older are listed to use Semi Synthetic. The container must specify approval by Mercedes-Benz with the phrase followed by the engine code: “e.g.: MB-Approval 229.51.” Linear Automotive is very knowledgeable in knowing the oil type for your vehicle. We use OEM or original fluids. The over the counter Mobil-1 5w-50 does not have the Mercedes-Benz approval on the bottle. The ESP is specifically for diesel engines only – Mobil-1 ESP Formula-M 5w-40.

Since all newer Mercedes vehicles come standard with synthetic oil, the FFS or Flexible Service System is already set for the use of synthetic oil for your oil and filter changes. The service interval is about 10K -12K miles between synthetic oil and filter changes. The FFS interval can be shortened by changes in your driving habits or driving environment, such as stop and go driving, short trips, city traffic, towing, high altitude driving or extreme temperatures. It’s best to stay close to the recommended time set by the factory to have the oil & filter changed as well as any other inspections and services.

A common question about synthetic oil is that it shouldn’t be used in older autos because it will cause it to leak. The concern being that synthetic oil is more slippery with a lower viscosity, so is not compatible with the existing seals and may cause leaks. The synthetic oil Mercedes-Benz Synthetic Oil Change Service Plano Richardson Allen McKinney Texaswill enhance engine protection just as it does in newer vehicles. The base of synthetic oils includes alkylated aromatics, polyalphaolefin or PAO and synthetic esters. They provide less friction, less heat and have better performance. Additives added to the synthetic oils include detergents, dispersants, antioxidants and anti-wear additives.

Linear Automotive is very knowledgeable in the proper oil for your Mercedes. We provide top quality service and repairs for your Mercedes-Benz and will be glad to schedule an appointment for you. If your Mercedes is newer synthetic oil is the way to go to continue proper care for your vehicle. If your Mercedes is older and has always had standard motor oil, but are interested in synthetic oil, we can discuss its benefits and whether it is the best option for your Mercedes.

Mercedes Oil and Filter Change Plano Allen Richardson McKinney Texas

Affordable Mercedes Synthetic Oil Change

If your Mercedes needs a synthetic oil change give Linear Automotive a call and we will be glad to schedule an appointment. Our certified mechanics help people who need Mercedes Synthetic Oil Changes in Plano, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, The Colony, and all surrounding areas in North Texas.

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Mercedes Synthetic Oil Change Special in Plano Richardson Allen McKinney Texas

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