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When you need an affordable Mercedes-Benz oil change in Plano, Allen, Richardson, Frisco, or McKinney call us at Linear Automotive. We are Import & European specialists and can perform your Mercedes Oil Change. We have ASE certified technicians that can provide top quality maintenance so come enjoy our Mercedes service in Plano and find out why more people are choosing Linear Automotive for exceptional service at competitive prices.

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Mercedes Oil and Filter Change Plano Allen Richardson McKinney Texas

Oil Change

Linear Automotive only uses recommended factory OEM parts and fluids in their repairs and services. The most common maintenance service is the oil and filter change. The interval for the Mercedes oil change is determined by the dashboard reminder system called the FSS or Flexible Service System. The dashboard is equipped with a reminder when to take your Mercedes in for any service at about every 10K-12K miles, which is the same for the oil change service. More extreme driving habits may change your FSS system to shorten the time between servicing if you have lots of stop and go, busy city traffic, short trips, using the vehicle for frequent towing, extreme temperature environments, and even high altitude driving.Mercedes-Benz Oil Change Plano Allen Richardson McKinney Texas

Motor oil is used for its capability to lubricate the auto engine moving parts. The oil is a thin film that removes friction and allows a slippery film to cover the components, so that they slide smoothly and easily. Motor oil also prevents oxidation and contamination from any condensation and combustion. Another function of oil is to keep the engine clean, so it picks up contamination and carries it to the oil filter where it is deposited, and larger particles get carried to the oil pan. Particles that can damage an engine can be from 5 – 20 microns in size. For perspective, a human hair is about 100 microns in diameter. Motor oil is also used for cooling the lower part of the engine such as the camshaft, crankshaft, timing gears, pistons, rod bearings and other parts and the heat is then carried to the oil pan where it can dissipate.

Motor oil is basically refined crude oil and is called a basestock. Then engine oil companies may refine it further for their purposes in preparation for mixing in additives that will protect your engine. Additives may include dispersants, detergents, rust inhibitors, anti-foaming agents, friction modifier, oxidation inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, phosphorus and zinc may be added among others.
Ratings are added to describe viscosity or thickness of the oil and how they function at different hot and cold temperatures. The engine oil additives only last a period of time before they become ineffective and so the oil change is recommended not only for clean oil to be circulating around the engine, but for the additives to protect the engine.

Mercedes Oil Change Service Plano Richardson Allen McKinney TexasFor the home mechanic the Mercedes oil change is no longer messy. Many of the Mercedes newer vehicles include an oil change access tube covered with the oil cap designed for topside evacuation just under-the-hood. The fuel filter access is also under-the-hood. There is no need to jack up the vehicle or crawl under the car anymore to change the oil. An oil extractor is used with a hand pump on top and then the tube is placed in the accessible oil access tube. Slide the oil extractor plastic tubing to the bottom of the access tube and begin pumping till all the oil is removed.

The engine will need to be warm so the oil will pump out more quickly. Loosen the oil filter cap so it can start to drain. Once removed the o-rings on the oil filter can be replaced. Then slide the filter off the shank and slide the new one back on till the mark is flush with the bottom of the threaded cap. Once all the oil is removed, the new oil can be added using a funnel in the access tube and simply pour in the correct amount. This added Mercedes design feature is very thought out, accessible and practical.
Linear Automotive is here to provide maintenance, services, and repairs for your Mercedes. You can schedule an appointment online or reach us by phone.

Mercedes Oil and Filter Change Plano Allen Richardson McKinney Texas

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If your Mercedes needs an oil change give Linear Automotive a call and we will be glad to schedule an appointment. Our certified mechanics help people who need Mercedes Oil Changes in Plano, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, Frisco, The Colony, and all surrounding areas in North Texas.

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